(Clearwisdom.net) In traditional Chinese culture, it is believed that every person has his own fate and his fortunes are predestined according to what he has done in previous lives. Such a belief is also prevalent in the world of cultivation practice. It is believed that a person who harms other people out of jealousy or feeling unjustly wronged will not change his situation. Instead, this creates karma for him and results in worse fortune in his next life. With this in mind, a person should try to be more generous and forgiving, and let go of jealousy, as it will only cause endless harm to others and himself.

Lu Yuqin was an important political advisor to Emperor Taizu, the founder of the Song Dynasty. Lu Yuqin was known to be a generous and virtuous man who was never jealous of others.

Before Emperor Taizu founded the Song Dynasty, Lu served under the Late Zhou Dynasty, and Taizu was known as Zhao Kuangyin. When Zhao Kuangyin heard of Lu Yuqin's talents, he recommended Lu to the government and made Lu one of his advisors. Lu then followed Zhao Kuangyin as a close advisor during his subsequent posts.

After Zhao Kuangyin founded the Song Dynasty and became Emperor Taizu, Lu Yuqin became one of the founding members of the Song Dynasty. Except for Lu, all the founding members, such as Zhao Pu and Li Chuyun, were given high-ranking positions. An average person might have held a grudge against Emperor Taizu, but Lu bore no bitterness towards Taizu.

Shortly afterwards, Li Chuyun was demoted to a post in the state of Zizhou, and when Lu Yuqin returned from a trip, Emperor Taizu summoned Lu to ask him about Li Chuyun. Had Lu Yuqin been jealous of Li Chuyun, he could have taken the opportunity to speak ill of him. Instead, he reasoned with Emperor Taizu and defended Li based on facts. In the end, Emperor Taizu agreed with Lu's defense of Li.

Later Zhao Pu offended Emperor Taizu because of a difference of opinion. His peers at the royal court distanced themselves from Zhao Pu and denounced him eagerly, hoping to use this as a chance for advancement. Lu was the only one who reasoned with Emperor Taizu on behalf of Zhao Pu, until Taizu's anger subsided.

Hence, Lu Yuqin became famous for his magnanimity, frankness, and lack of jealousy. He was highly praised as a virtuous elder.