(Clearwisdom.net) On December 30, 2007, Zhang Hua, leader of the Case Team in the Development District Police Branch in Qidaoquanzi, Chaoyang City, along with political director Hong Guanghui and others, broke into the home of Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Bo Caifeng. They stole a TV, a VCD, a satellite receiver, and other items associated with receiving NTDTV programs. They also ransacked boxes and chests looking for cash and left her home in a complete mess. They even searched the kitchen stove.

When the police saw that Ms. Bo was not at home, they illegally arrested her daughter, Ms. Cao Yanyan, who had been married for only ten days and had happened to come back to visit her family. They even confiscated 8,000 yuan from her bag. The money had been given to her by friends and family on her marriage. The police are still holding Ms. Cao in Shijia Detention Center.

The mess after police ransacked Ms. Bo's home

Development District Police Branch:

Director Li Dongfeng: 86-421-3817887, 86-421-2616161, 86-13304217887
Political commissar Liu Chenxian: 86-421-3817799, 86-421-2613913, 86-13904917355
Case Team Leader Zhang Hua: 86-421-3817868, 86-421-2914334, 86-13304214334