(Clearwisdom.net) Since mid-November 2007, the Domestic Security Division in Daqing City, the Tieren Police Department, the Datong Police Department, the Honggang Police Department, the Babaixiang Police Department, and a police department in the Ranghu Road District have been arresting Falun Gong practitioners on a large scale. Statistics from the Minghui reports show that about ten practitioners were arrested, "illegally detained," and their homes ransacked. About nine practitioners were fined, threatened, and harassed, and their homes were ransacked. Three practitioners were forced to become homeless.

In mid-November, Fan Chunming from the Daqing Tieren Police Department and Deputy Director Dai Feng instigated plainclothes police and Officers Sheng Bao and Gao Fu from the police station in Dengfeng Village, Jingxia, Daqing, to arrest a male practitioner and ransack his home. They also ransacked the homes of another five practitioners and fined them. They confiscated three computers and Falun Gong books. Ms. Xing Guilan was not at home, but the police broke open the door and ransacked her house. They confiscated two large bags of Falun Gong books. Officers from Tieren Police Department have been aggressively persecuting practitioners. On around April 25, 2007, they detained many practitioners. They "illegally sentenced" Yang Jinfeng, Liu Zhigao, who is disabled, and 67-year-old Yin Guirong, and extorted large sums of money from some of their family members. Some of the practitioners were bankrupted and became penniless from the extortion and persecution. They had no money for medical treatment for their families.

On December 12, Feng Haibo, director of the Domestic Security Division; Liu Tianwei, director of the local 610 Office and the deputy director of the Datong District Police Department; and Han Lichen, director of the police station at the Seventh Factory of the Oil Production, along with others--eight altogether--broke into the home of practitioners Mr. Liu Desheng and his wife, Ms. Sun Zhanqin, who are over 60 years old. They illegally arrested Mr. Liu, ransacked their house, and confiscated a laptop, a CD burner, and 101 CDs. They also took away notes to be used as evidence. Liu Desheng is now detained at the Fifth Custodial Station in Daqing City. He has been on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. He was very weak and had illness symptoms. Liu Tianwei, deputy director of the police department, didn't allow Mr. Liu's family to visit him.

On December 17-21, Lin Shui, a policeman from the Daqing Honggang Police Department, along with other policemen, arrested practitioners on a large scale in their jurisdiction and ransacked practitioners' homes. The victims included 58-year-old Li Yajie from the Fourth Factory of the Oil Production Factory, 60-year-old Su Guifan and Lao Wen, Ms. Chen Fengzhen, Wang Dezhi, Wei Shuqin and another older lady whose name is unknown from the Fifth Factory of the Oil Production Factory, Feng Lianxia and elderly Ms. Yang. Wei Shuqin was released, and Wang Decheng and Su Guifan managed to walk free from the police and are now homeless. Chen Fengzhen and Li Yajie were sent to Daqing Custodial Station, and the whereabouts of the other practitioners are unknown. Ms. Chen Fengzhen has been on a hunger strike and has symptoms of severe heart disease. Her health is precarious, but the police still threaten that they will not release her as long as she is still alive.

On December 23, Yu Changjun, deputy director of the police department in Babaixiang, along with another five or six policemen, deceived 58-year-old practitioner Li Bingying from Babaixiang, Daqing City, and then broke into her house. They arrested her and ransacked the house. She was taken to the custodial station in Daqing City and illegally detained.

On December 27, 40-year-old practitioner Ms Wang Guihua, who worked at the Ranghu Road Property Company and lived at the Fangxiaolou District Daqing City, was arrested. The details of her case need to be investigated.

Some of the police in Daqing City used the persecution as a direct path to financial gain and getting promotions. Under the command and instigation of directors from the Political and Judicial Committee, the 610 Office and the City Police Department, some officers from the police department in the Domestic Security Division and various police departments including Tieren, Wolitun, Honggang, Longnan, Sartu, Dongan, Kaifaqu, and Lamadian actively participated in the persecution.

Daqing City Police Department:

Cao Liwei, director: 86-459-6371699 (Office), 86-13384595678 (Cell)
Cao Zhenghe, political commissar: 86-459-6107789 (Office), 86-459-6280888 (Home) 86-13329500001 (Cell)
Lin Guoli, deputy director: 86-459-6100099 (Office), 86-459-5986708 (Home) 86-13329500003 (Cell)
Liang Ximing, deputy director: 86-459-6390005 (Office), 86-459-6390988 (Home) 86-13845987777 (Cell)
Wei Chunhua, deputy director: 86-459-6107611 (Office), 86-459-6381983 (Home) 86-13329500005 (Cell)
Hao Dejiang, deputy director: 86-459-6107708 (Office), 86-459-6381516 (Home) 86-13329500006 (Cell)
Liu Yong, deputy director: 86-459-6107333 (Office), 86-459-6509999 (Home) 86-13394596000 (Cell)
Lan Yingjie, deputy director: 86-459-6375299 (Office), 86-459-6689098 (Home) 86-13394596000 (Cell)

Babaixiang Police Department in Daqing City:

Li Daming, director: 86-459-4980777 (Office), 86-13836709003 (Cell), 86-13945957666 (Cell) 86-459-4612473 (Home)
Ma Xinke, political commissar: 86-459-4980123 (Office), 86-13329500833 (Cell), 86-459-6295345 (Home)
Liu Yuhu, deputy director: 86-459-4986123 (Office), 86-13836709055 (Cell), 86-459-6781983 (Home)
Wang Hongwei, deputy director:86-459-4895000 (Office), 86-13836877222 (Cell) 86-1383670900686-459-6132303 (Home), 86-459-6786660 (Home)
Yu Changjun, deputy director: 86-459-4892500 (Office), 86-13836709233 (Cell), 86-459-6091088 (Home)

Daqing City Custodial Station

Du Zhengjiang, director: 86-459-4617593 (Office), 86-459-4616098 (Office), 86-459-4667179 (Home), 86-13936726888 (Cell)
Bai Yunshan, political instructor: 86-459-4616090 (Office), 86-459-6256942 (Home), 86-13059043155 (Cell)
Feng Haipo, deputy director: 86-459-4616162 (Office), 86-459-6211479 (Home), 86-13089051888 (Cell)
Yang Baomin, deputy director: 86-459-4616159 (Office), 86-459-6686076 (Home), 86-13836720062 (Cell)