(Clearwisdom.net) Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison officials use the prison hospital to torture Falun Gong practitioners. They send healthy practitioners to the hospital to harm them with drugs.

We call on all people of conscience in the international community to address the crimes committed at this prison against Falun Gong practitioners and pay attention to their plight, including that of Ms. Li Xiaotong and Ms. Hu Aiyun. We must stop the officials at the prison and the prison hospital authorities from committing additional crimes.

The following is the text of a lawsuit filed with the Public Prosecutor and related organizations by Falun Gong practitioner Li Xiaotong who survived her detention at the Second Prison Ward in Heilongjiang Woman's Prison:

My name is Li Xiaotong. I was illegally detained at the Second Prison Ward of the Heilongjiang Woman's Prison. I survived the detention and am now filing a lawsuit against the authorities of the prison's so-called "civilized" hospital for violating the law and manipulating inmates Liu Li and Shang Xiaomei to exert inhumane violence and brutality upon Falun Gong practitioners who were taken to the prison's hospital.

On the morning of August 10, 2007, Second Prison Ward officer Qiu Jiang told me to pack my things and move to the infirmary because of my old age. In the afternoon, someone stopped me while being escorted and arriving at the sixth floor of the infirmary building and redirected me to a room in the prison hospital's outpatient service building. As I entered the room, I was alarmed to see the label "Infectious Disease Ward" on the door. I knew I had been tricked and wanted to find the hospital director to protest, but several inmates kept me from leaving. I learned that several other patients in the room had also been deceived into coming here. Inmates led by Liu Li and Shang Xiaomei viciously forced these people to have daily injections and take medicines every day.

On the morning of August 13, 2007, Shang Xiaomei approached me, and forced me to take more than ten pills, and to take an injection consisting of a bottle of unknown drugs. I told her, "I was tricked into coming here. I am very healthy and do not need any medicine or injections." She replied, "You are to take pills and injections as long as you're here." She called inmates Liu Li and He Bing to the room to join her and pushed me onto a bed. During the struggle, they inserted the needle in my lower back. I kept struggling very hard and shouted, "You cannot persecute Falun Gong practitioners like this!"

Liu Li slapped my face fiercely, grabbed my neck, pressed my lower abdomen with her knee and opened my mouth and teeth with a spoon. Other inmates pinched my nose and forced me to open my mouth to breathe. Liu Li took this opportunity to toss the full handful of pills into my mouth and pour water in. I almost suffocated. I choked up the pills along with blood and water onto the bed. Liu Li grabbed the pills from the bed and opened my mouth again, using the spoon. She jabbed the inside of my mouth with the spoon. The torture was repeated several times, and the bed was covered with blood and water.

The inmates led by Liu Li and Shang Xiaomei repeated this process with two other practitioners, Ms. Liu Guihua and Ms. Hu Guiyan. All of our mouths were injured and bleeding. Ms. Hu Guiyan lost a tooth. For me, besides a one-inch cut, a piece of skin had peeled off my upper palate. My tongue was injured and bleeding, and my lips had several cuts as well.

All three of us were covered with bruises, and the injection sites were blue. My linens were covered with blood stains. The patients who lived with us were terrified upon seeing this. One of them put her hands on her chest and said with tears in her eyes, "I'm scared to death! I've never seen anything so fierce! I cannot stay here any longer. I will develop heart disease before my own illness is cured!"

On the morning of August 14, inmates Liu Li, Shang Xiaomei, He Bing and Liu Yanhua rushed into the ward, locked the door and started fiercely beating practitioners Ms. Liu Guihua and Ms. Hu Guiyan. They once again gave them injections and force-fed them with medicine. Ms. Liu Guihua and Ms. Hu Guiyan constantly shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners!" After torturing them, Liu and Shang came to me and attempted to coerce me to submit to an injection in a small room, but I refused. They cursed me, beat and kicked me and knocked me onto the floor while grabbing my hair. Other inmates joined them and stepped on my hands and feet, dragged me by my hair and grabbed my neck. Liu Li held her thigh down on my lower abdomen, and inserted the needle into my body through my clothes. Then she pinched my nose, forcing me to open my mouth to breathe. She then used a spoon to open my teeth and force-fed the pills and water, and then used the spoon to randomly jab my mouth. I choked and spurted blood and pills all over the floor. They repeated this three times until I almost suffocated and lost consciousness.

After this was over, several roommates with tears in their eyes helped clean the blood from my hands and body. Seeing my bleeding tongue and broken tooth they wept and said, "This isn't treating illnesses. This is a slaughtering factory. It's ruthless!"

On August 15, Shang Xiaomei and Liu Li led the inmates to our room and coerced us to again take injections. I said to them, "Look at us--our tongues are damaged, and we cannot eat for days. Even drinking water is painful. My palms have five cuts. I have lost so much blood, have so many bruises on my body and almost lost consciousness. Do you have no conscience, and continue to treat us like this?" Liu Li roared fiercely, "We will use tubes if you refuse. We have many ways to deal with you. No one cares if you die!"

Due to the frequent inmate-led torture headed by Liu Li and Shang Xiaomei, my mouth and tongue hurt from the injuries and bled and swelled up. My throat hurt, my teeth became loose, and my gums were inflamed. I could not swallow any solid food. All I had for four days in a row was some cold water and cold congee, which I swallowed with great pain. Still, they denied several of my requests to talk with the prison head or doctors. To call for help from kindhearted people to stop the persecution we shouted, "Stop the violence! Stop persecuting us!"

Prison doctor Yu Lixia came to my ward a few days later. I asked her to stop the inmates from treating us so violently. She said, "Your X-ray shows you have some serious problems. You have to stay here for a while." I told her that a month ago, Dr. Liu and Shang Xiaomei had examined me several times and told me I had no health problems and told me at the time, "You have no illness, so you must do the sitting for others!" (In the prison, the evil guards would force practitioners to sit on a low bench from morning till dark without allowing them to rest. Practitioners would suffer enormous back pain and leg numbness.) The inmates threatened Ms. Liu Guihua, "If you do not take the medicine or injections, you will be responsible for your own problems. We will stop giving them to you if you sign the "guarantee statement"." Ms. Liu Guihua signed it. But the next day, Liu Li still led the inmates to torture her by force-feeding her medicine and giving her injections.

On September 4, 2007, guards took me back to the second prison area.

This concludes my story of the suffering I survived during the period of "special care" in the prison's hospital. It is difficult to imagine that inmates would dare to use such ruthless methods - torturing healthy and good people, unless they did so on orders from or with acknowledgment and instigation from the prison head, the prison hospital head and guards.

December 6, 2007