(Clearwisdom.net) I practiced Falun Dafa alone prior to July 20, 1999, and had little contact with other practitioners. I never attended any group study and did not realize the importance of it, either. I did not even know about the April 25, 1999, event when practitioners visited the central government in Beijing, to report the unfair treatment of practitioners in Tianjin. After the Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Dafa, I lost all contact with other practitioners. Since I had a good understanding of the Fa, I managed to overcome the pressure and uphold my faith in Dafa. I only talked to my colleagues and family members then and told them that Falun Gong was not like what was portrayed on TV, but I did not know how to do in-depth truth clarification. One day I found a truth clarification flyer in my bicycle basket. I got excited, typed the contents into my computer, and printed some flyers myself. In the evening I went out to distribute flyers for the first time. I was nervous, with my heart pounding. But fear did not overwhelm me. I had a simple mindset: "Let more people know the facts of Falun Gong."

Our family eventually moved. Master arranged for me to meet other practitioners. Since we had a shortage of truth clarification materials I managed to use the printer at work, supplying my own paper and ink, to print some materials, including Master's lectures. As the need [for these materials] increased, we practitioners eventually bought a small copier and started our own production center. We did not know this was called a "truth clarification materials production center." We merely wanted to solve the issue of our shortage of flyers to distribute. Another practitioner was responsible for printing. I was responsible for material purchases and machine maintenance. Despite interference from the evildoers, we maintained our effort to study the Fa and to strengthen our righteous thoughts. With Master's protection, the center's production went smoothly. There were then relatively few production centers, and our small copier played a big role. Even today, the machine is still supplying materials for our area. Our operation has matured and become independent. We no longer need other practitioners to supply us with articles to print. We also added a high-speed laser printer.

In my daytime job, depending on the situation, I would tell colleagues about the virtue of Dafa. I told them about the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax. Most people agreed with me. My surrounding environment became gradually better. Most people who have heard my explanation have a positive view of Dafa. When I clarify the facts to people, I have found that the less human notion I have, the better. Continuously reading the Fa led me to gradually discover my show-off mentality and my attachment to zealotry. I realized that everything we accomplish is done according to Master's arrangement.

Once I had a dream that I was trying to tell a colleague the truth about Dafa, but I was not sure if I should tell him directly. I beat around the bush for a long time before telling him about Dafa. The colleague said, "Why tell me so much useless stuff first? You could have told me about Dafa directly." Inspired by the dream, I began to clarify the truth to people more directly. Sometimes I talk to people openly as a practitioner. Other times, I praise Dafa from the standpoint of a non-practitioner. My mind is clear as long as I diligently study the Fa, and I have become more skillful and wise.

After people began to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations in large numbers, I was initially uncertain as to what to do. This arose from years of being influenced by the CCP culture. After reading the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,: and especially after repeatedly reading Dafa books, I gained a better understanding. I began to talk to my family, then colleagues. Some people quit the Party right away. Some quit after several conversations. Some refused to quit. I was not at all bothered by negative reactions. I knew that was not their truth selves. I constantly study my lessons and improve. I paid attention to my own tone and attitude. Even when a person refused, I still tried to leave a positive impression and let the person know that I was doing this for his own benefit. This mentality and approach could lay a foundation for the person's future salvation. Now most of my relatives and colleagues have quit the CCP. The remaining few are still in my thoughts. I will not give up on them until the end of Fa rectification.

My father-in-law was a long time CCP member and was badly poisoned by CCP propaganda. Since the CCP's persecution of Dafa began, whenever I mentioned Falun Dafa, he would get upset. Initially he adamantly refused to consider quitting the CCP. In the fall of last year he was diagnosed with lung cancer. When I heard this, my emotions grew and I became anxious. I tried to convince him to read Dafa flyers, but to no avail. My wife was angry at my approach, and her father was not happy, either. One night my wife and her mother accused me of putting pressure on my father-in-law. My father-in-law did not say anything, he just laughed at me on the side. I was frustrated and argued with them. I could barely maintain my patience and was about to give up. Later on I regained my cool. After a careful examination I realized that the CCP's evil spirit was at play. My determination became stronger. I increased my efforts to send righteous thoughts. Five days later, during a casual chat with my wife she suddenly said, "There are quite a few Mao buttons in my dad's room." I encouraged her to secretly remove these buttons and dump them. I knew that the CCP evil spirit in other dimensions was destroyed, along with the buttons.

I took more care of my father-in-law, although I was busy at work. He was touched. Two days before the Chinese New Year I said calmly, "Father, why don't you read Dafa books?" To my surprise he did not react negatively and said, "How about after the New Year?" Six days after the New Year I played Master's Jinan Lecture to him. After he listened to the entire lecture he had a very good attitude about Falun Dafa. I then gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun and taught him the exercises. After we practiced Exercises One and Three together for 20 days, Master began to cleanse his body, and he suffered some pain. He did not realize that this was a good reaction. His symptoms got worse, and he eventually passed away. However, I still felt some comfort because he established a positive understanding of Dafa and had quit the CCP.

I work in a large state-own company. The company's intranet system has a website for employees to post interesting articles. Taking advantage of this, I often post good articles about human virtue from "Minghui Weekly" and divinely-inspired culture articles to this site. These postings have received very good feedback. I realized that we Dafa disciples have a responsibility to restore ancient, divinely-inspired culture. Recently, I began to post some practitioner-composed music, including PuDu (Universal Salvation) and some poems by practitioners. Many people are amazed by the beauty of these works. I would like to thank overseas practitioners for providing these wonderful works.

In the process of Fa rectification I also made some mistakes. But because of my righteous belief in Dafa, I understand that I am walking on a divine path. Master will not abandon me, although recently I have difficulty remaining calm when studying the Fa. I also felt somewhat tired of trying to persuade people to quit the CCP. But after I watched Master's "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners," I felt ashamed for letting Master down. This compassionate teaching made me feel Master's sense of urgency to offer people salvation. I will no longer disappoint Master. I will cheer up and become more diligent. I will contribute my best effort to meet Dafa's requirement.