(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese New Year Spectacular, presented by the Divine Performing Arts touring company, dazzled more than 2,000 audience members at the Detroit Opera House in downtown Detroit, Michigan on January 22, 2008. Many audience members highly praised the performance. They commented that the Divine Performing Arts displayed incredible beauty. It was hard for some to choose their favorite performance. They said they loved every part of the show.


Detroit audience watched the show intently

Music Studio Director: Eastern musical instruments are beautiful!

Ms. Linda Marshall is the director of a music studio at the Michigan Accordion Society. She said she has been to China several times, including the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, as well as more remote areas such as the border of Yunnan Province, seeking out the arts of the East. Ms. Marshall said, "My friends say I was Chinese in my previous lifetime. I think so too." When she saw the advertisement about the Chinese New Year Spectacular in a local newspaper, she bought a ticket without hesitation. Since then, she eagerly looked forward to seeing the show, counting down the days. She said, "I have been planning to go to China again soon, but I was so surprised that I found the Chinese arts here, and particularly that the Chinese musical instruments, perfectly blended with the dances in the show. It was wonderful!" Ms. Marshall sincerely wished the Divine Performing Arts success in their global tour performances.

Rose Szymanski: "China-Craze" brought me here to appreciate the show

Rose Szymanski is a retired nurse. She knew little about Chinese culture, but she noticed that the young generation in her family was more or less beginning to learn Chinese. They took Chinese courses to learn about Chinese culture. They even tried to have conversations in Chinese at home from time to time. She said, "It seems to be the popular thing nowadays. I decided to come to see the show, and also try to learn about Eastern art." "I really loved each and every program, and I was pleased that I could understand everything, thanks to the introductions and the English words on the backdrop. It was so beautiful!"

Post office employee: I was so lucky to get to see this show

Ezckieao hurriedly arrived at the theater a little bit after the curtain rose. He later told a reporter, "I happened to hear the advertisement on WRCJ FM radio tonight on my way home from work, and decided to come to see the show. I did not expect to get to see such an excellent show." Ezckieao works at a post office, and said he does not often go out to see shows. He said that he thought the performances with the drums were the best. "Each movement was very precise and rhythmic," he said enthusiastically while imitating the movements of playing drums.

Kristina Marie: I'll come to the show every year

Ms. Kristina Marie made a special trip to New York last year to see the Divine Performing Arts show. She said that because she saw the show last year and loved it, she bought a ticket for the Detroit show without hesitation. She said, "At first, I learned that the Divine Performing Arts would go to Chicago to perform, so I planned to go to Chicago for the show. Later, when I learned that they would come to Detroit, I was so delighted." "I was completely enthralled by this year's show. I cannot say I have completely understood all programs, but I will definitely come to see their performance every year."

During the two-hour performance, the audience often responded with enthusiastic applause. When the hosts asked the audience if they liked the powerful and exhilarating dance "Drummers of the Tang Court," many Chinese audience members immediately called out, "Excellent! Great!" In the dance drama, "The Power of Awareness," when people stepped forward to uphold justice and kindness, and protected Falun Gong practitioners from the police's batons, the whole audience burst into thunderous applause. When the performance drew to a successful close, the audience members of different nationalities, as well as different cultural backgrounds and age groups rose to their feet and gave a standing ovation to express their appreciation to the artists in the touring company of the Divine Performing Arts.