(Clearwisdom.net) On January 21, the Divine Performing Arts touring company performed the Chinese New Year Spectacular at the Hilton Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The show

Jerome K. Roed, a manager of Ellis Island Casino & Brewery

Jerome K. Roed, a manager at the Ellis Island Casino & Brewery, and his wife Josie Roed came to the show. Josie told the reporter that she liked the show very much. She said that although she cannot understand Chinese, she understood and enjoyed all of the programs.

Jerome liked the dances. He understands that there are similarities between Chinese dance and ballet dancing. Jerome is also a band director. He said that the music in the show was soft, profound, and encouraging, bringing people peace and comfort.

As for the vocal performances, Jerome said that the first song by Huang Biru made him cry. He said the song had rich spiritual content. When he watched the captions for the song on the backdrop, he said to himself, "God's words, no matter what language, they are God's words."

Josie liked the dance "The Fruits of Goodness." She said that she will recommend the show to her friends. She said that they would not be able to imagine how good the show was if they didn't come to see it themselves, so she will definitely bring them to the show next year.