(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts' Chinese New Year Spectacular will perform in Taiwan from February 29 to March 18, 2008. By means of beautiful song and dance performances, the Spectacular will bring to life authentic traditional Chinese arts, showcasing the essence of the divinely-inspired culture of China.


Director Chen Jianliang (middle) and his colleagues of the Household Administration Office in the west area of Chiayi City are pleased to hear about the upcoming Divine Performing Arts show.


Director Chen Minquan of the Chiayi City Civil Administration Bureau (center) and Director Liu Minghong (left) of the east area Household Administration Office recommend Divine Performing Arts to the people of Chiayi.

After watching last year's show by Divine Performing Arts at National Chung Cheng University, Lu Wen-hsiung, head of Anliao Village of Chiayi City was full of praise for the splendor and broadness of the show. He stated that shows like Divine Performing Arts perpetuate traditional Chinese culture, and wants to let all citizens know about it. Therefore he invited the staff of Divine Performing Arts to visit the Household Administration Office on January 17 and 18. The staff were warmly welcomed by Director Chen Minquan of the Chiayi City Civil Administration Bureau, East and West Area Household Administration Office directors Liu Minghong and Chen Jianliang, and many government other employees.

Chiayi City is divided into east and west areas and has 110 villages under its jurisdiction. The Household Administration Office has the closest link with residents. Director Chen Minquan of the Chiayi City Civil Administration Bureau, who administers operations in the East Area Household Administration Office, and director Liu Minghong watched the introductory video for Divine Performing Arts. Chen said, "A performance like this, which so purely displays Chinese culture, is able to uplift people's morals. We would like to recommend this to the people of Chiayi City."

Director Chen Jianliang of the West Area Household Administration Office explained that the Household Administration Office is the department with the most public contact. They we very appreciative towards the Divine Performing Arts staff for telling them about the upcoming performances in Taiwan: "I certainly encourage my colleagues to arrange time to watch the show with their entire families, and to be sure not to miss out on this wonderful opportunity."