(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, two older practitioners from Qidong County, Hunan Province were illegally arrested because they used currency which had truth clarification information written on it.

On December 23, 2007, Mr. Zhang Xuanshou, a 69-year-old retired man from Qingshuitang Lead-zinc Mine Manufacturing in Dayuan Village of Guanjiazui in Qidong, along with Mr. Luo Guangzhong, also a 69-year-old practitioner from the same area, were taking a bus to go home. To buy the bus tickets, they used money on which was written facts regarding the truth of Dafa. The ticket seller then reported them to authorities. Mr. Zhang and Mr. Luo were later arrested by Shaoyang police officers. The police illegally confiscated from them two sets of wireless pots, forty high frequency connectors, and 1,800 yuan.

On December 25, 2007, they were transferred to Qidong Town Detention Center. On around January 8, 2008, officers from the Qidong 610 Office broke into and searched their homes. The officers took Mr. Luo's TV and wireless pots and Mr. Zhang's truth clarification materials. The policemen also threatened Mr. Zhang's wife, ordering her to surrender her retirement card and salary card.

On January 3, 2008, Mr. Zhang was transferred to Qidong Detention Center for persecution. Mr. Zhang has been subjected to torture several times already, and as a result he has much difficulty walking. Additionally, he is getting old and his health is not good. He was paralyzed one month ago, but he firmly believes in Dafa and cultivates diligently. He has since miraculously recovered, but still not fully. Mr. Zhang's family worries about him very much.

On around December 20, 2007, Ms. Shi Jinhua, a 64-year-old practitioner from Qidong and a relative of an employee in the Hengyang Baidi City Iron and Steel Factory, was detained in Qidong Detention Center because she distributed truth-clarifying materials. Ms. Shi has been subjected to brutal torture on over ten different occasions.

Contact phone numbers of officials involved in the persecution of Falun Gong in Qidong County:

Qidong Secretary of CCP Political and Judicial Committee, the head of 610 Office and Qidong National Security, Zou Aiming: 86-734-6299566 (Office), 86-13574781178 (Cell), 86-13575280699 (Cell), 86-734-6265199
Qingdong Deputy Secretary of CCP Political and Judicial Committee, Chen Deyuan: 86-734-6258610 (Office), 86-13908446002 (Cell), 86-734-6253758 (Home)
Chief of Qidong Public Security Bureau, Wu Qi: 86-734-6288601 (Office), 86-13973467666 (Cell), 86-734-6288666 (Home)
Political Commissar of Qingdong Public Security Bureau, Zhang Aiguo: 86-734-6288602 (Office), 86-13875627688 (Cell), 86-734-6288688 (Home)
Head of Qidong Detention Center, Liu Guohua: 86-734-6288578 (Office), 86-13016188029 (Cell), 86-734-6268323 (Home)

Head of Qidong Detention Center, Lan Jinhua: 86-734-6288577 (Office), 86-13707479611 (Cell), 86-734-6251410 (Home)
Supervisor of Qidong Detention Center, Tang Lingshan: 86-734-6288577 (Office), 86-13974763161 (Cell)