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5. Compassion Expressed in the Divine Performance Moves the Audience to Tears

The 5,000 years of history of Chinese culture has been a divine play unfolding in the human world. Divine Performing Arts reenacts historic epic tales and revives authentic Chinese culture, a truly divinely-inspired culture. Many in the audience have felt the vast compassion, purity and harmony of the performance; compassion that moved them to tears.

"I made the right decision by coming to the show tonight. It's so much better than I had expected. I was moved to tears," said David Richards, former CEO of Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

"It's wonderful; so beautiful! All cultures look for the same thing regardless of where they come from. We all seek truth. I hope we can all find it," said Katherine, who works at a Wal-Mart Vision Center.

"I've never seen any performance so pure, so inspiring and wonderful. When I saw the dance, 'Power of Awakening,' I could not help but cry. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." (Ashony Molocho, from New York)

"Every program touched me deeply. The inner peace and harmony [exhibited by the performers] moved me to tears." (Belia Thompson, an elementary school principal from Dallas)

"I was crying the whole time, because I was touched by the beauty of this show!" (Mrs. Schulman, from Romania)

"Why are we here? Why is there pain in life? Why do people suffer? The lyrics remind me of the struggles I go through as an artist and a human being." (Soprano Elvina Schwartz)

"I was moved to the core. I cried despite not knowing why. I was simply touched," said Sakshi Dhamija, from India

"The show reflects very strong, pure compassion, and I couldn't hold back my tears. I felt as if I was part of the show and there was no distance," said Rosy Foo, a Dallas native.

The audience's reaction is a testimony to the appeal and sacred wonder of the Chinese culture - a rich and profound culture created under divine guidance.

6. Divine Performing Arts' Performances Exemplify Morality and Courage and Expose Human Rights Violations in Modern China

"The entire show was fantastic--beautiful and thought-provoking. The dance, 'Power of Awareness' touched me the most. It was very powerful when everyone stepped forward and opposed the evildoers in the dark, when good people were persecuted. It was quite meaningful when more people were encouraged to step out of the shadow. I'm so glad that I can explain all of this to my daughter; it brings me hope," recounted Teri Goins, from Austin, Texas.

"This show is magnificent and filled with a sense of justice. I am infinitely proud [of being Chinese]. The dance 'Power of Awareness' shook me beyond words. I felt ashamed but also encouraged when I saw Falun Gong practitioners persevering in their belief. We must stop this atrocity by the Chinese Communist Party as soon as possible, or even more fellow Chinese will experience brutal persecution." (Liu Gang, a democracy activist and student leader during the Tiananmen Massacre on June 4, 1989)

"I think this persecution should not have taken place. It's against freedom of speech and freedom and belief. It's also against human nature." (Napoleon Garcia, publisher of Impacto, a Spanish-language newspaper in Philadelphia)

"I really like [the dance] 'Power of Awareness.' Being able to step forward to uphold justice and conscience is good defeating evil. In this world, goodness will always win."( Ronald Jones, Mayor of Garland, Texas)

"I have taken part in musical events in Hong Kong and Korea, and I also have some understanding of Peking Opera. I think tonight's performance is authentic Chinese art. All of the programs are well arranged. I want to know more about the persecution of Falun Gong." (World-renowned percussionist and doumbek player Jamal Mohamed, who is currently teaching at Southern Methodist University)

"'Power of Awareness' conveys a clear message: some people are persecuted for doing normal activities such as practicing Falun Gong exercises in the park. In the end, people are able to stand up for justice and conscience, which resonates the classic theme of right overcoming evil." (Wang Huijin, singer and director of New York Laiying Chorus)

"I like the Falun Gong programs because they deliver the spirit of truth, compassion, and tolerance." (Ed O'hara, a former manager at a Burger King restaurant)

"What touched me the most deeply was the 'The Risen Lotus Flower,' where three women Falun Gong practitioners were tortured. I could even feel their pain and I could not choke back my tears." (Yung-Fei Kao, a professor of psychology at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma)

"I was deeply moved by the two Falun Gong programs. I will always remember them. I need time to do more thinking. They reached me on such a deep level." ( Deborah Dimond, dancer)

One important reason behind the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) interference with the Divine Performing Arts shows is that some of its programs expose and reenact the party's persecution of Falun Gong. The party claims that this is "getting involved in politics."

History is filled with battles between righteousness and evil, and through these struggles, the Chinese culture was enriched and matured. Several hundred years from now, when people talk about how Falun Gong practitioners endured a brutal persecution by the most evil regime on earth and yet peacefully persisted in dispelling the lies, seeking freedom and manifesting great compassion and forbearance in the process, people will be shocked and moved.

The Chinese Communist Party has always persecuted people by first charging them with "getting involved in politics." If such involvement can help expose the party for what it truly is, disintegrate the party and end the persecution, then it can only benefit the world.

Morality is not a slogan, and demonstrating morality requires great courage. If people are satisfied with merely making comments on historic events while turning away from current grave injustices, that does not a moral person make.


After Chris Norby, Supervisor of Orange County, California, received a letter from the Chinese Communist Party denigrating Divine Performing Arts' Chinese New Year Spectacular, he replied in writing that he felt insulted by the letter. He also reminded the Chinese officials that a free society tolerates criticism instead of suppressing it. Norby said, "They [the communist party] are telling a publicly-elected official what and what not to do." Norby later fought back publicly in the Los Angeles Times, saying that a foreign government is trying to give orders to an American official, telling him "not to support" or "not to acknowledge" a certain group. He wrote, "Your letter is officially asking the Orange County City Council to help the communist party persecute Falun Gong...this is an insult and is absolutely unacceptable."

Besides harassing foreign officials, the party also spread lies among Chinese students and Chinese Americans in an attempt to stop them from watching the show.

The warm feedback from audience members of diverse backgrounds is the best response and shines the light of truth on the CCP's poorly meditated schemes.