People React Positively to the Toronto Chinese New Year Spectacular Shows (Photo)

( On the evening of January 19, performers of the Divine Performing Arts Company presented the third show of the Chinese New Year Spectacular in Toronto. Many audience members were impressed by the stories portrayed in the dances.

Toronto: Veteran Theater Usher Says the Performance Touches One's Soul

( Doroter could be the longest-tenured usher at the Sony Center in Toronto. She loves to see performances and has worked there for eleven years. After seeing the 2008 Chinese New Year Spectacular, she said she thought the Divine Performing Arts' show was amazingly rich in its inner connotations and that it "touched her soul." She said we could find our sacred origin from it.

Toronto Investor: "I Will Recommend the Show to More People" (Photo)

( The Divine Performing Arts Chinese New Year Spectacular recently presented five performances in Toronto, Canada during its 2008 world tour. The audience had positive responses. Mandi Smith, an investor in Toronto, attended the fourth show and said that she will certainly come again to see it and will recommend the show to others.

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