(Clearwisdom.net) NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular came to Toronto on January 18, 2008.

High Resolution Picture

High Resolution Picture

Bakery owner Ms. Lian brought her four daughters to the show. She said that the purpose was to have her children find out about Chinese traditional culture and China's different ethnic groups. "I believe that they will benefit from seeing the show, since they have grown up here." Ms. Lian said, "I was especially interested in the story of the two youths who took shelter in a temple. The backdrops seemed real and the costumes were first rate. The lessons of the story were very educational."

Ms. Lian thought that the show was valuable for her children

Mary Huang and her daughter, Milly, enjoyed the show

Ms. Mary Huang came from Beijing and has resided in Canada for eight years. She brought her daughter to the show. Ms. Huang said, "This was the first time I have seen the show, and I have a very good feeling about it. It is important to help our children get to know Chinese traditional culture and the concept of Chinese New Year. The children growing up here need this kind of education."

Milly added that she liked the "Drummers of the Tang Court" because of the exciting coordination between the dancing and the music.

Mr. Gao Lan is a musician and conductor and is making a documentary film about China. He said that many people only know about China's economic development, but not the real China. "Our responsibility is to let the world know about the real China. This performance is doing this, and so am I." Mr. Gao said. "After seeing the show, I feel refreshed. In the future, I'll attend the performance whenever I can."

Mr. Clyde McNeil is a broadcaster for CHN radio station. He said, "This was my second time to see the show, and I still like it. It was wonderful."

Mr. Clyde McNeil and his nephew, Tyrese Tyrell, enjoyed the show

Mr. McNeil said that the performance about Falun Gong was presented very well--in a way that the audience could understand the story. "Today's show was outstanding work. The performers worked well together, and the colors were beautiful." "I hope everyone will come to see the show, enrich their knowledge of Chinese traditional culture, and benefit from it. At the same time, they can understand what is happening in China, which ties it to the rest of the world." Mr. McNeil's nephew, Tyrese, said, "I liked the show a lot, because it told a lot of ancient stories. The most touching ones were about how to deal with others and how to act in the face of adversity."

Mr. Phillip Shadbolt is a salesman for Rogers, and it was his third time to see the show. He said that the choreography, costumes, music and the show's overall effect were very nice. He pointed out that it included a great deal of historical and ethnic content, such as dances from the Qing Dynasty and Mongolia. Mr. Shadbolt said, "I could understand the programs better because my wife is Chinese. The performance about Falun Gong was outstanding. I always appreciate what Falun Gong has done. They let the world know what is happening in China. It's important to let Canadians know about the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of people in China."

Mr. William Juranic, a director at George Brown College, praised the show, "Like the name of the show, 'spectacular.'" Mr. Juranic said that it was the first time he had ever seen a Chinese artistic performance, and the descriptions in the program and by the hosts helped a lot.