(Clearwisdom.net) Several years ago when the persecution was still rampant in our area, our local coordinator actively participated in the operation of truth-clarification materials production sites. As a result, truth-clarifying materials and Dafa materials were circulating among practitioners regularly. The steady operation of the materials production sites played an important role in exposing the evil and clarifying the truth, even though only a small number of practitioners participated in the operation of the sites.

As Fa-rectification progresses and the evil factors have been reduced, the requirements for us are getting higher. As a coordinator, one must study the Fa well and send forth righteous thoughts well; and one must always look inward when conflicts arise. In other words, one must cultivate oneself well. As more and more materials sites are set up and more practitioners get involved, every one of us must think about how to do things better, more efficiently and more effectively, so as to save more people.

When Dafa disciples came to the human world to help Teacher during Fa-rectification, we believed, "When I get lost in the human world, the disciples around me will wake me up." Teacher also mentioned in many lectures, "I don't want to leave a single student behind." Therefore, waking up the practitioners around us is part of our historical mission and duty.

One of the important tasks for coordinators is helping all practitioners come out and improve as one body so that we can do well in the three things, especially in clarifying the truth face-to-face and advising others to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

In looking at past experiences, we see that those practitioners who study the Fa in groups year-round improve very fast. Once a group Fa-study is established and when practitioners search inward when conflicts occur, any conflicts are resolved quickly. Group Fa-study is an indispensable factor in improving ourselves. In addition, practitioners develop the understanding of disciples acting as one body and learn how to cooperate with each other. Most practitioners in those environments do well in the "three things", especially in clarifying the truth face-to-face. In addition, practitioners are able to share experiences in a timely manner.

As for those practitioners who do not study the Fa in groups, many of them are still having all kinds of tribulations at home and in personal cultivation. That is because the practitioner has not walked the cultivation path arranged by Teacher. The cultivation format Teacher left us involves studying the Fa in groups, doing exercises in groups and participating in Fa conferences.

Coordinators have more contact with more practitioners. We tend to know the situation of practitioners in our region. We need to help those practitioners come to group Fa-study and participate in experience sharing at Fa conferences.

A coordinator should actively organize Fa conferences. Teacher said in "To the Australia Fa Conference," "Fa conferences are grand gatherings of Dafa disciples, are good opportunities to help each other improve, and testify to [the power of] good Fa-study." Teacher also said in "To the Midwest Fa Conference in Minnesota," "[I know that] doing a good job of summarizing and exchanging experiences in cultivation and related to saving sentient beings, as with doing better at fulfilling what Dafa disciples ought to do, are things that you the disciples of Dafa hope to achieve by attending the conference. I hope that all of you will benefit from this Fa conference."

Recently, our local area successfully held three small-scale Fa conferences. Everyone benefited from the experience sharing in those conferences. Those practitioners who have been clarifying the truth every day realized that they cannot only think about clarifying the truth themselves. They need to help more practitioners to come out and cooperate with each other and save more sentient beings. One elderly practitioner who had just stepped forward attended a Fa conference. When he saw a room full of people he started to worry about whether the police would come. Halfway through the conference, all his bad thoughts and fears were dissolved. When the experience sharing finished and everyone had left, this elderly practitioner still did not want to leave and wanted to share with fellow practitioners a little longer. He talked about his own experiences and said, "I will definitely come to the next conference."

The one practitioner who made the biggest and quickest improvement provided the place for the conference. This practitioner has a very good environment at home. Her home is spacious, her husband was on a business trip and her daughter works in another city. But she was concerned about providing the place for the conference because of fear. After sharing with other practitioners, she realized that the attachment to fear is selfish and is something one needs to get rid of in order to improve. She had progressed from thinking of her own improvement to thinking of the improvement of the whole body of practitioners and harmonizing what Teacher wants. She went from realizing that she was still following the old forces' arrangements and had not negated the persecution in her mind, to realizing that everything she possessed was for Dafa. How great was her improvement!

Everyone knows that everything is done by Teacher. When we are immersed in the Fa, we have the power of Fa. As coordinators, we are also continuously correcting and purifying ourselves when doing specific tasks. So who are the coordinators? No one assigns them, no one appoints them. When we all actively do things that are beneficial for the whole body and to saving people, every one of us could be a coordinator. We all play our roles. Do not wait and do not depend on others.