(Clearwisdom.net) One day in March 2007 I studied the Fa with fellow practitioners. When we sent righteous thoughts, at a certain point, while meditating, with my celestial eye I saw practitioner A, who had been illegally held for eight months in a city detention center. Through my celestial eye I saw practitioner A sitting on top of clouds, legs double-crossed, sending righteous thoughts. Then practitioner A connected his mind with mine and asked, "What are you doing?" At the conclusion of the meditation, I discussed what I saw with my fellow practitioners. A few days prior we had discussed how to rescue practitioner A from the detention camp, and we all agreed that we should act immediately. Early the next morning a practitioner who studied the Fa with me came to my home. He told me that camp officials had sent practitioner A to a hospital in our city for emergency treatment. We told the others immediately.

In the morning, many practitioners came to join us to rescue practitioner A. It was cloudy and cold. I saw in another dimension many corrupt living beings gathering and moving toward this hospital. Since there were some practitioners gathering and chatting, I saw Master watching us somberly in the sky above the hospital. He waited, looking anxious. I immediately reminded the chatting practitioners to send righteous thoughts. At that moment, I saw Dafa disciples emitting all kinds of supernormal powers, including Faluns (law wheels) of various colors. All sorts of light beams were penetrating many layers of dimensions and dissolving the evil beings in different places.

My body was light and moved around effortlessly in the other dimensions. It took only seconds to pass through each dimension. At this time, I saw Master give me a commanding board. I was like a 6 or 7 year-old boy in a higher level dimension, leading nine similarly-aged fellow practitioners to eliminate the evil. As soon as the formula for sending righteous thoughts was conveyed, the evil lives were suddenly destroyed, leaving no visible traces. Master then smiled at me and told me I could rest for a moment. I said to Master that I was not tired. Then I penetrated down to the next lower level, to continue eliminating evils in that dimension.

Evil beings in different dimensions show different forms of life. When we got closer to the last dimension, the human world, I saw fellow practitioner A on a bed in this dimension, and his room was filled with snakes. One snake had wrapped itself tightly around his body. I used the sword in my hand to cut the snake in half. I cut most of the other snakes in half, too, and some snakes slithered away. I sent out a strong thought at that moment, begging Master to support me. Suddenly, the room was covered by a huge Falun, emitting red light. There were two heavenly soldiers with golden armor and hats, holding a golden halberd, standing at each side of the door. In the meantime, all practitioners were sending righteous thoughts with full concentration. At this point, Master waved his hand in the other dimension, and all the evil beings were immediately disintegrated.

That same afternoon, several of us went to the hospital. We sent righteous thoughts outside of the hospital for two hours. In the evening I decided to go to the patient's room to visit practitioner A. When I arrived at the door I saw a police officer there. I sent righteous thoughts toward him, to make him fall asleep. From the door to the bed were less than five steps. Before I got to the practitioner's bed I could already hear the policeman snoring. Seeing me, practitioner A was too excited to say anything. I was sad to see him in such poor condition; however I quickly adjusted my mood and briefly shared some information with him. I strengthened his righteous thoughts and asked him to let all human attachments go. Looking into his eyes I saw his determination and confidence with righteous thoughts.

In the following ten days or so, conditions permitting, practitioners persisted in sending forth righteous thoughts at a nearby place. Everyone was active and cooperated well with each other, and this practitioner finally left the evil place.

Looking back at the entire process, this was the best time we had cooperated as a whole body. Almost every practitioner stepped forward and exerted their influence together as individual Dafa disciples. The concerted effort effectively scared the evil. I want to thank Master for leading us through every step. He again helped us validate the boundless mighty power of righteous thoughts from Dafa.