(Clearwisdom.net) On July 28, 2007, police from the Dangbi Township Police Station arrested practitioners Mr. Zhang Chuanfu and Mr. Xue Yanrong of Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province. Officers from the city police department not only extorted money from the practitioners' families but also sent the practitioners to a forced labor camp.

The two practitioners are Mr. Zhang Chuanfu, 21, who became a practitioner in February 2007, and Mr. Xue Yanrong, 33.

On August 21, Mr. Zhang Chuanfu's family appealed for his release, through someone connected with the police. Mishan Police Department deputy chief Han Jingxin agreed to release Zhang without any payment but changed his mind on August 22 and demanded a bribe of 10,000 yuan from Zhang's mother. Mr. Zhang's mother insisted that her son was innocent and they should not pay the bribe. Han said, "Let me talk to the chief, to see if we can release your son for 5,000 yuan." Han Jingxin returned in the afternoon saying, "Pay me 5,000 yuan and we will release him."

Desperate and out of options, Mr. Zhang's mother gathered 5,000 yuan and returned to the police department on August 24, 2007. After the police received the money, a woman police officer said they would release Zhang in a couple of days. When the family asked for a receipt she said, "We never give receipts!"

On the morning of August 28, Xue Yanrong's wife and mother appealed to deputy police chief Han Jingxin for Xue's release. Han again demanded money and verbally insulted them. Xue's wife said that Han's request was against the law. Han became very angry, grabbed Xue's wife's clothes and told her to "get lost." He said, "If you don't disappear now, I will slap your face." This was not the first time Han had bullied the family. He had acted similarly toward Zhang's parents before. Several days later, Xue's family returned to ask for his release. Han said, "It won't be so fast. It will take a few more days. We have to do some more investigating." A few days later the family came to ask him again. This time Han Jingxin became impatient and said, "Do not come to the police department again. If you come again, I will send your son to a forced labor camp. I really mean it!"

Why did the police not release the practitioners even after bribes were paid? As we learned later, the two police chiefs, Han and Feng, felt that the money was not enough. Also, Xue's family had not paid the 15,000 yuan that Han Jingxin demanded. Han was furious when some local people exposed this incident to the public. To retaliate for the exposure, the police sent the two practitioners to a forced labor camp on the evening of October 15, 2007.

On the afternoon of October 17, Mr. Zhang Chuanfu's father came to see Han Jingxin and asked for permission to see his son. Han said, "They are gone." Zhang's father, "Why? Where did you send them? What law did he violate?" Han said, "He distributed Falun Gong flyers, and that was against the law. I have no idea where they were sent. Why don't you ask the detention center?" Later, Zhang's father asked detention center head Cui Hongqian, "Why didn't you inform our family when my son was sent to a forced labor camp?" Cui said, "We are not obligated to inform you."

On the morning of October 18, it began to snow. The heavy snow continued on October 19. At 9:00 a.m., Mr. Xue Yanrong's wife came to see Han Jingxin, and asked him where her husband was. "Sent to Suihua," said Han. "Why didn't you inform the family?" Xue's wife asked. "Why should I inform you? What kind of business do you have in this?" said Han. At this point, Xue's wife accused him of violating the law, and told him he would receive karmic retribution for his persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Han Jingxin became furious and punched her down to the floor. Mr. Xue's wife cried loudly, "A policeman hit me!" Han was not about to quit and tried to hit the woman again before bystanders stopped him.

Decision to send Zhang Chuanfu to a forced labor camp

Persons participating in the persecution:
Mishan City Political and Legal Committee
Zhao Shuxian: 86-467-5288011 (Office), 86-467-5224463 (Home), 86-13945846266 (Cell)
Wang Kuixiu: 86-467-5241610 (Office), 86-467-5224331 (Home), 86-13946862639 (Cell)

Mishan City Police Department
Feng Xiaodong, police chief, 86-467-5222376 (Office), 86-467-5178676 (Home), 86-13945822917 (Cell)
Han Jingxin, deputy police chief, 86-467-5211158 (Office), 86-467-5222275 (Home), 86-13903675995 (Cell)

National Security Team
Wang Yaoguang, team leader, 86-467-5210737 (Office), 86-467-5178676 (Home), 86-13945822917 (Cell)
Li Gang, deputy leader, 86-467-5229088 (Home), 86-13946806333 (Cell)
Gao Shitong, police officer, 86-467-5240908 (Home), 86-13836546911 (Cell)
Yu Haixia, Legal Section, 86-467-5212366 (Home)
Li Wenliang, 86-13945806911 (Cell)

Dangbi Township Police Station: 86-467-5112005 (Office)
Policemen: Chi Hongguang, 86-467-5229228 (Home), 86-13945846766 (Cell); Guo Gufu: 86-13945812033 (Cell); Zhao Changbai: 86-13946822038 (Cell); Zhao Guangjun: 86-13946846944 (Cell)
Ma Hongyu: 86-13796422006 (Cell)

Detention Center: Cui Hongqian, 86-467-5260477 (Office), 86-467-5282926 (Home), 86-13846052345 (Cell); Shi Yanping: 86-467-5260714 (Office), 86-467-5239089 (Home), 86-13846022413 (Cell)

January 3, 2008