(Clearwisdom.net) At this stage of the Fa-rectification's progress, we still talk about whether we faithfully do what Teacher has asked of us, and this seems very laughable. Someone may comment on other Dafa practitioners not doing what Teacher has requested. In eight years of validating Dafa, the big streets and small lanes, towns and villages have witnessed practitioners clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. For doing this, some practitioners are arrested, persecuted, and have even lost their lives. Aren't they doing things according to Teacher's requests?

Several days ago, I saw a practitioner's sharing article, "Correctly Align with Your True Self, Walk Out from Selfishness," which touched me in a big way and gave me a new understanding of righteous thoughts and righteous actions, that is, whether we are able to do things according to Teacher's requests. I'll share two experiences and my views.

On one occasion when Ms. Yu was distributing truth-clarification materials on Falun Gong outside a primary school, a security guard who did not know the truth found her and reported her to the local police station. Ms. Yu knew that the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other truth-clarification materials in her bag were produced with money saved by Falun Dafa practitioners, and she believed they were magic tools to save people, so she could not allow anyone to destroy them. She shouted to the people around her, "Heaven wants to destroy the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Relinquish your membership in the Chinese Communist Party and its Youth League and Young Pioneers to save your life! Be sure not to miss this opportunity!" Then she rapidly threw the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other truth-clarification materials to the crowd. Afterwards, whether she was in the police station and detention center, she had no fear at all. No matter whom she faced, she regarded them as people who had predestined relationships with her. She told them to remember, "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good," and only by withdrawing from all organizations of the CCP could their lives be saved. Even when the police interrogated her, regardless of whether or not the police had smiles or vicious faces, she treated them compassionately, exposed the CCP's monstrous crimes toward all living things, and asking them to quickly separate from it, choose a wonderful future for themselves, and not cooperate with any other CCP activities. Later, she was sent to a forced labor camp. During her health check, her blood pressure was as high as 220, and the forced labor camp staff were too scared to accept her. Thus she went home in an open and honorable way. During this time, she also explained the importance of quitting the Communist Party and its organizations to police officers, guards, and prisoners.

When fellow practitioner Ms. Xiao Li participated in a local Dafa project, she was implicated and arrested. She feared being persecuted, and cooperated with the evil to a certain degree. Although she tried her best to avoid "sensitive" questions to protect herself, the police beat her every time, more and more ruthlessly. She finally vomited blood from being tortured so many times, and could not eat. When the police took her to a county hospital for a check-up, they put handcuffs and shackles on her, disregarding the fact that she was in dire condition. Local practitioners found out what was going on, quickly exposed the persecution of this practitioner, and sent forth righteous thoughts for her. Only then were the police restrained. She had dealt with the situation using only human notions, first thinking about protecting herself, and the result was contrary to what was expected.

Teacher told practitioners in "Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts:"

"...you have strong righteous thoughts, no fear, and no human attachments, apprehension, or hatred; only when you're in that state will it be effective, and it will take effect as soon as your thoughts emerge. While sending righteous thoughts, don't panic or be afraid, and as long as that wicked person keeps being violent, keep sending righteous thoughts."

I was also taken to a forced labor camp, which resulted due to my fear. Afterwards, I paid more attention to cultivation, realizing that the fear was not me. I kept sending righteous thoughts to clear away the fear, so I improved in this respect. Later, a Dafa experience sharing conference in 2007 was discovered by the police. When we were dismissed and started to leave, the front entrance was full of police. The majority of practitioners were arrested, but I stood motionless and escaped using righteous thoughts.

Cultivation is extremely serious. Every issue we come across on our paths of cultivation is not accidental. Even the smallest thing, if you do not control xinxing well, will display a human state. If it then becomes a larger problem for the practitioner, and one can lose a good opportunity for improving. Because practitioners improve step by step, without improvement at each level, you will be unable to face challenges at critical moments. Our each and every thought in daily life is also testing our xinxing level--genuine Dafa practitioners will not let it go.

When an issue occurs, if you deal with it using human notions, then you are an everyday person at that moment. You are not regarding yourself as a practitioner and no righteous god will be able to help you. You can only watch as the old forces use it as an excuse for "enhancing" a Dafa practitioner, to "beat" out your righteous thoughts, by controlling the police who persecute you, claiming that they are "examining" Dafa, but in a destructive way. When you view things from the standpoint of the Fa, then you are a genuine practitioner, a supernormal person, a person on the path to godhood. In this case, all evil will stay far away from you.

For instance, in saving sentient beings, some people can achieve righteous thoughts and righteous acts and distribute truth clarification materials, regardless of what time of day or night. With mercy in their hearts, they perform the most sacred action of saving people, as requested by Teacher. With this mentality, they naturally do well and have no thoughts of fear at all. But some practitioners always distribute flyers covertly, giving no thought to where to place the materials, and they become scared when they encounter people. When clarifying the truth, they always look for people wearing simple clothing, fearing that those who are dressed well may be evil. They fear being reported and this actually segregates the sentient beings, unintentionally pushing away some people with predestined relationships. What more can one say about righteous thoughts and righteous actions?

Certainly, practitioners validate Dafa in the human world, save people confused by the CCP, and do everything in human society and the environment to uphold the Fa. It is impossible to not have any human notions, and it is not terrible that human notions emerge, as long as we correct them in time using righteous thoughts cultivated from Dafa. We must disintegrate those evil elements that interfere from other dimensions, maintain our strong righteous thoughts, not indulge them in any situation, or ignore their reflection and manifestation. We can't allow human notions to stay in our energy fields, or nourish, strengthen, or enlarge those things that should only exist for the old forces' influence. Otherwise we would leave behind a hidden danger for ourselves on our future Fa-rectification paths.

We must absolutely treasure the present time. With the rapidly moving pace of Fa-rectification, salvation of sentient beings is extremely urgent, and there is no time for slow improvement. Only by unconditionally assimilating to Dafa with the fastest speed and unconditionally looking inward when encountering ordeals will we meet Teacher's requirements and save sentient beings. Teacher has prepared for us incomparable great glory and bestowed upon us the most sacred and wonderful of all things. We are studying the Fa every day, and we have no reason not to eliminate our last human attachments. Speaking from another angle, doing things according to Teacher's requirements--even if only in one aspect--is essentially an issue of believing in Teacher and Dafa.

Looking back over the eight years of validating Dafa, in doing the three things arranged by Teacher, for all the ordeals we encountered, it was impossible to evade our responsibility or to take a shortcut. We must bravely face our tests and look at things from point of view of the Fa to understand the Fa. Only then can the path be walked correctly. Regardless of how madly the evil persecutes and suppresses us, it can't change Dafa practitioners' incomparably firm faith in Teacher and Dafa. No matter how rough the path of Fa-rectification, Dafa practitioners depend on the Fa to walk through it and depend on the mighty power of the universal great law, not on human bravery.

We study the Fa every day in order to meet the requirements of the Fa on different levels, assimilate to the Fa on that level, abandon human notions and selfish thoughts, and thus maintain formidable righteous thoughts. In this way we are able to save people more effectively, and restrain evildoers from doing evil.

In brief, whether or not we do things by faithfully following Teacher's requirements is indeed a very serious issue which every practitioner must face.

Due to my limited personal level, please point out if there are any mistakes.