(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I have read some articles concerning the handling of funds that practitioners receive for Fa-validating tasks. This issue has had a major impact on some local practitioners in our area. They realize the seriousness and solemnity of cultivation. They have decided to correct their words and actions, so as to treasure every single penny that practitioners spend in offering sentient beings salvation. I hereby chronicle how we have saved and spent and how we think about this. If some parts are inappropriate, please kindly point them out for us.

Since getting out of a forced labor camp in 2002, I have diligently done the three things. I distribute materials, clarify the truth, set up materials production centers, make DVDs, and deliver materials to other practitioners. Thus I have gradually taken the role as a coordinator. I did not initially know what to do, but all along I had only this one thought in mind: as long as something is a Dafa task, I will do everything!

Due to the special circumstances in Mainland China, I worked by myself and only had contact with one other practitioner the whole time. I was acting as an intermediary and had to deal with all kinds of matters. Of course I have seen fellow practitioners' shining aspects during the process and my own shortcomings as well. We should always use our proper mindsets to carry out Dafa tasks. Once our correct thoughts are present, we can do everything well. We can only succeed in what practitioners should do when we study the Fa well and constantly adjust our perspectives.

When working with fellow practitioners, sometimes a word you say, or one thing you do, can affect the others. I have experienced many difficulties. When conflicts occurred I wanted to quit and simply go on the street and clarify the truth face to face.

Master said in "To the France Fa Conference," "... even less should you retreat from adversity." After studying the Fa and with Master's help I realized I was wrong and hence continued [the other Dafa tasks]. Today I would like to share with you my view on handling a budget.

In 2005, practitioners trusted me to take charge of the money for the materials printing and distributing center. I knew that nothing was coincidence. Master trusted me to take this on responsibility; hence I should not let Master down. I adjusted my mind well and constantly remembered what Master said,

"However, make sure the funds are not handled inappropriately. I know we have had problems with the management of funds for some projects and in some places. I don't want to get into that, though. If there is a problem with you in this regard, it seems to me that you don't want to cultivate anymore. All the gods are watching you. If a cultivator has this problem, it is terribly serious." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles") (Feb. 2006)

In practice, I steadfastly studied the Fa well. Once my xinxing level had improved I could do all Dafa tasks well. But, since I was attached to my own decisions, as soon as I started, my doubts arose. I was afraid of being unreliable, unable to handle the money well, offending fellow practitioners, and interfering with my own cultivation. Thus, whenever I got some money, I would immediately hand it over to another coordinator, regardless of that practitioner's situation. I was only worried about my mental peace because I knew that I could always get money when I needed some. Later on, one incident provided me insight. An out-of-town practitioner needed to buy some materials. I told him to go get some money from the other coordinator, but he was unable to find that coordinator. Because of that, time was wasted offering sentient beings salvation.

I learned from this incident that I needed to let go of my ego. I was merely concerned with shirking my responsibilities. However, Master has taught us several times that we need to cultivate selfless compassion and do everything for others. Fa study made me righteous thoughts become more mature, and I remembered that fellow practitioners saved their money for the purpose to offer sentient beings salvation [through printing flyers and other things]. Having been given this opportunity to handle the money demonstrated that Master trusted in me. I had the responsibility to take care of the money. I should make sure that every single penny would be spent in the right place. I would not let Master down. I would not let fellow practitioners down. From then on, I would put the money in a safe place. When the amount was large I would deposit some with responsible practitioners who I felt had fewer human attachments. I never comingled this money with my personal savings. I only buy personal items when I have money, and have never spent the designated funds on personal items. After spending money on materials, if some change was left over, I would supplement what was lacking from my personal money to make up an even amount. It would be easier to save and remember. If a certain practitioner needed to use some money, and if I did not have enough at that moment, I would give him some of my personal money, but I would not take the amount out of the fund. I believe that fellow practitioners' money was used to make Fa-clarification materials. Practitioners put this fund together, so it is special. Hence, when I added some of my money to the fund amount, it was like contributing my part. When I can, I will contribute more.

Although I don't have a high income, I have some privileges. My family allowed me to spend my own salary on anything I want, while my husband's income is enough to support the family. (If your situation does not permit, do not copy me). When fellow practitioners needed money, we should share with practitioners and find out what purposes the money will be spent on. In doing so, we are being responsible for Dafa and fellow practitioners. We should help control spending of the fund.

Initially I did not have experience, therefore had made some mistakes, which could have been avoided. Once a fellow practitioner from a large materials production center simply took 3,000 Yuan. Unfortunately, within three days, police ransacked the center; all the money was taken and the practitioner was arrested. I was heartbroken. If I had compassionately spoken with him to find out his circumstances, and whether or not he had studied the Fa well, and if he was mentally up to finish the task. Had I known his mindset, I could have reminded him to study the Fa to correct his thinking. Had we done that, the evil forces would not have used the loophole. This taught us a lesson - that we should always use our correct thought processes in doing every Dafa task. Everything has to be done well. We should always use the Fa as our guide and remember Master's teachings. When things happen, we should use the Fa to decide what is right and wrong. Only when we reach this level could we do things well.

Mysterious things happened occasionally during the past few years. There seemed to be endless funds, and we had never been short of money. One practitioner is a businesswoman who has contributed over 100,000 Yuan through me, but she lives a simple and thrifty life. She even wears patched clothes. Sometimes I told her not to contribute that much, but use some of the money to buy herself some clothes. However, she replied happily, "I'm making money for Fa. Before I practiced Falun Gong, I didn't make any money, but I was full of illness. Now I'm making more and more money, and all my illness is gone. I feel the money I earn should be used to offer sentient beings salvation. This is the task that Master and Dafa grant me."

One practitioner always used her own money to cover the trips she took to buy materials for truth-clarification. She never uses the fund for lodging and meals. When there was not enough money she would use her own to make up the difference. The amount she contributes ranges up to 1,000 Yuan each time. After returning from those trips, she would not get reimbursed. Her husband is also a practitioner and has contributed a large amount as well. Their child even contributes his allowance. The whole family supports Dafa.

We never waste anything in any of the material production centers I know. If machines break down, such as a copy machine or a stapler, we fix them.

In the era of Fa-validation and saving people, we save every penny. I found that a few practitioners compiled Master's lectures from 2001 to 2006 into two thick books so that it is convenient for them to study the teachings. Yet, in doing so, they lay aside the books of the single lectures. Because we have always compiled Master's lectures into books and given every practitioner a copy every time a lecture was published, I collected all the extra copies from practitioners, and have them compiled into new books, with new covers. After that, I would give these copies to those who either just started practicing or who have just returned home from a labor camp. In doing so we have saved money, and at the same time have lessened the financial pressure of fellow practitioners. It is also respecting our Master and Fa.

Some practitioners are good at saving money. They even use the wrappers from the reams of paper and print all kinds of truth-clarification information on them. They seldom waste any paper. We have never changed our machines; however, everything continues to work smoothly. It is a miracle. Some practitioners make CD cases from CD wrappers and print, "Happiness has arrived" on them. They sometimes print the lyrics of the songs from Divine Performing Arts on the wrappers or compile them into booklets and give them away. They look beautiful. Every time I go out, I always take some materials with me. I handed a woman a DVD. She looked at the cover and read attentively, "Happiness Has Arrived." I told her it is fortunate for a person to hear and understand the truth of Falun Gong. "Quickly take this DVD home and show it to your family, relatives and friends to offer them salvation." She repeated, "Yes, I will. Thank you very much"

If all practitioners could consider things from the standpoint of the Fa and be responsible for each other, our fellow practitioners probably would not suffer persecution. We all make mistakes, but we should correct our mistakes as soon as we realize them.

Fellow practitioners, we must walk our path correctly. We must do everything righteously. We need to study the Fa well, and do the three things diligently. Only when we are able to abandon all attachments without omission can we go home with Master. This is all I want to report at this time.