(Clearwisdom.net) On September 15, 2007, after 6 p.m., 11 practitioners from Huihua City, Hunan Province, went out to distribute truth-clarifying materials in Baozijiao Town, Huitong County, Hunan Province. They were: Ms. Zhu Zhouxiang, Ms. Wang Yuying, Ms. Yang Chunlan, Ms. Yang Yingde, Ms. Yi Huanmei, Ms. Li Huaxiu, Ms. Zhang Luying, Ms. Ai Yuhua, Ms. Nie Yuanxin, Ms. Nie Guixiang, and Ms. Zhuo Shuying. Huihua City CCP members collaborated with the Huitong County 610 Office and Huitong County police officers to arrest these practitioners and put them in the Huitong County Detention Center. Ms. Nie Yuanxin, 82, and Ms. Zhuo Shuying, near 70, were released. The other practitioners are being held and tortured, and Ms. Yang Chunlan and Ms. Wang Yuying are in critical condition.

After the practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest their illegal arrest, they were viciously beaten. The guards intentionally ignored Ms. Yang Chunlan's high blood pressure and heart attack symptoms. Only after she collapsed did they send her to the hospital. Although she was in critical condition, the detention center's administration denied both her release and her family's visitation requests.

A sympathetic guard let Ms. Yang's family visit her privately. Ms. Yang told her family that the Huitong County police officers reported this case as "an extremely severe case" to the higher level authorities in order to get a bonus.

Later, Ms. Yang's family met Liang Jianhua (male), the director of the Huitong County Police Department. They asked that Ms. Yang be released. Liang claimed that the case was out of his hands and had been transferred to the Procuratorate. The family then questioned why the prison guards would beat the sick. Liang denied the abuse and said he would punish the guard that allowed them to see Ms. Yang.

Ms. Wang Yuying is in critical condition as a result of the abuse. The guards were afraid that what they did was leaked during a family visit, so they transferred her from Huitong County to Jing County, then back to Huitong County again. Her condition is so critical that she was connected to an IV and life monitoring equipment during the transfers.

Huihua City Politics and Law Committee: 86-745-2723352, 86-745-2718362, 86-745-2724936
Huihua City Police Department: 86-745-2738000
Huihua City 610 Office: 86-745-2710851
Li Yuegong (male), director of Huihua City 610 Office: 86-745-2710851 (Office), 86-13307459315 (Cell), 86-745-2725516 (Home)
Zhang Chulin (male), deputy director of Huihua City 610 Office: 86-745-2711611 (Office), 86-13307450612 (Cell), 86-745-2721937 (Home)
Huihua City Secondary Detention Center: 86-745-2380729
Lin Qiu (male), director of Huitong County Detention Center: 86-745-8823100 (Office)
Huitong County Detention Center: 86-745-8823066

December 10, 2007