(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners often regard their efforts in harmonizing human relationships in society as "yuanrong ordinary society", "yuanrong the family" or "yuanrong the relationship of husband and wife" [The Chinese term yuanrong means "harmonize", "perfect and complete" or "fulfill" in Dafa books or articles]. They even collected some related articles and made them into brochures and distributed them. I personally think that using this term these ways is not proper. Cultivation is a serious matter. "Yuanrong" is a Dafa term that has incomparable profound meaning. One of them is to assimilate oneself into Dafa, which manifests the power of Dafa. It also contains the meanings of different realms and the state Dafa practitioners need to achieve and comprehend. The term should not be used causally. A practitioner in the cultivation process can only try to "harmonize Dafa" and not "harmonize ordinary society". Before one achieves consummation, there are always some uncertain factors and ordinary notions. The term "harmonize ordinary society" can cause some practitioners to be trapped in the realm of ordinary society and cultivate within the trivial contradictions of non-practitioners. Therefore, they are unable to break through their personal cultivation limits and to widely save sentient beings. Only Dafa can resolve everything and save sentient beings.

Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period must utilize their wisdom and abilities to do the three things well. Harmonizing the relationships with others is part of it. As long as one requires oneself to be a good person and do better and better, as long as one puts one's heart into doing the three things and does everything with righteous thoughts and righteous action, then the environment will gradually be rectified. Although one may still encounter tribulations, it eventually will turn toward a favorable direction for practitioners to save sentient beings. You may not even have too many thoughts. Dafa's boundless wisdom and mighty power restricts everything that should be rectified, including our family life and ordinary thoughts. It is just like Master said in Zhuan Falun, "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities."

When a practitioner tries to be a good person, harmonizes the relationship with others, always thinks of others and is understanding, this is not "harmonizing ordinary society" but "harmonizing Dafa". If a practitioner tries to harmonize the family as an ordinary person, it is easy to be dragged into the small family circle and not be able to get out. One would be busy running about to please others. To some extent, these efforts may touch ordinary people. However, an ordinary person's desires and attachments cannot always be satisfied. Once you cannot satisfy him, conflicts will occur. Therefore, family relationships are always sometimes good and sometimes bad. With the notion of harmonizing the family, many practitioners seek ease and comfort and fear to step forward. Some practitioners worry about disturbing the family's "peace," and therefore are unable to cultivate nobly and with dignity. In some forced labor camps, the police also use the term "harmonizing society" in order to brainwash practitioners.

A young practitioner in our local area has been influenced by the notion of harmonizing the family. She takes over all the housework after work, helps her child with schoolwork, and tries to satisfy her husband with his hobbies and attachments. She makes sure that her husband has good food and can get enough rest, plus she accompanies her husband when he wants to do certain things. However, he still scolds her whenever he is not satisfied over trivial things. He even criticized Dafa and Master. Thus, she could only do the three things in secret. Whenever her husband found out that she was doing Dafa work, he would scold and beat her. Her husband spent all his spare time in excessive drinking and gambling. No matter how hard she tried, she has been stuck in such a family tribulation for over ten years.

A senior practitioner used to be a coordinator in our local area. With the notion of trying to harmonize the family, she took over all the housework and also took care of the grandson and helped him with his studies. At the same time, she also took care of her own shop, which is the only financial resource for the family, because her son and daughter-in-law are both unemployed. Her son spends the whole day playing Internet games and her daughter-in-law plays mahjong (a Chinese game) day and night. However, her daughter-in-law would often blame her whenever she was not satisfied. A Dafa practitioner spends all her time and money on these idlers and trivial things.

Therefore, the term "yuanrong" cannot be used casually. Many practitioners maybe just borrow this word when they are unable to find other proper words. One should be more mindful, because it may cause interference for other practitioners. There are many practitioners who improved their family relationships through righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Their family members understood the truth and stopped interfering, and some even became Dafa practitioners and helped with saving sentient beings. It is not the result of "harmonizing the family" but the manifestation of "harmonizing Dafa." A practitioner should enlighten to a higher level in order to improve the family environment. Treat things with righteous thoughts and rationality, not with ordinary ways such as love or emotion. It is true compassion and tolerance that transcends emotions. Then practitioners will have a stable environment and can do the three things well.

As Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we are in charge of the different future universes and we have the mission to assist Master in the Fa-rectification of this human world. Our splendid future and mighty power cannot be described in an ordinary language. We have the leading roles in this great, historical play. The Three Realms have been created for Dafa. All sentient beings in it are here for the Fa-rectification. Everything and everyone must help to create favorable conditions for Dafa practitioners in order to save sentient beings. We should create such an environment. This is the only righteous thought we should have. Then, how do we perform in society and within our family? Master has described it in his teachings. Here, let's review some of them.

Question: Many fellow cultivators have different views on how we should perfect and complete the Fa at this human level.

Teacher: Perfecting and completing this human level? That's an incorrect statement. If you haven't done things well, that's a cultivation issue, and it doesn't involve any issue of "perfecting and completing."

("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference")

"To fulfill the Fa, you must first of all be a good person. When you're being a good person, that is an act of fulfilling the Fa. But since you're cultivating among everyday people, after all, you need to go still higher than all of these things. So when you can truly understand the Fa, cultivate in the Fa, and be an upright and true cultivator, you are fulfilling the Fa. Which means, you are safeguarding the Fa as well."

("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore 1998")

November 30,. 2007