(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Hui, a Falun Dafa practitioner, was an employee at Daqing Oilfield Materials and Equipment Group. She was illegally arrested but then escaped on April 25, 2007. Afterwards, she was illegally arrested once again and taken to Daqing Detention Center on September 20, 2007. It has been over three months since her arrest. According to inside sources, the Saertu Public Security Bureau authorities refuse to release her and they have attempted to bring accusations to sentence her.

Ms. Li Hui, 38-year-old, lives in the San District, Wenhuagong, Daiqing City. She was employed at Daqing Oilfield Materials and Equipment Group. Originally a snobbish woman, after she began practicing Falun Gong, she became compassionate to other people and did not care about being rich and famous. She became a diligent employee, and everyone admired her as a kind and good person. After her mother passed away, she responsibly took her grandmother in to care for her. Though she became such kind and good person, Jiang's regime has persecuted her for the past eight years.

Ms. Li, who was pregnant, went to another practitioner's home on June 22, 2007, and was illegally detained for 15 days. She was then sent to a brainwashing session at the Daqing Oilfield Materials and Equipment Group to undergo "transformation." She was forced to watch TV propaganda slandering Falun Dafa. Then she was sent to forced labor. She had to work under the burning sun for hours every day. Because she refused to give up cultivation, at the beginning of August 2000, her employer suspended her for one year and extorted 5,000 yuan from her. Later, her employer extorted 10,000 yuan from her family in "earnest money." (It was later returned.) She was not allowed to work for over two years. (In 2002 she was approved to work as a sweeper in the Daqing Oilfield Materials and Equipment Group workforce.) Her husband divorced her due to the long term economic and mental pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since then, Ms. Li had lived with her over 80-year-old grandmother and her little daughter.

Daqing City Public Security Bureau and the National Security Team arrested more than 20 practitioners on April 25, 2007. One of them was Ms. Li. A deputy director of Saertu District Public Security Bureau went with Wang Song, Zhao Jingzhou, and other officers to brutally arrest Ms. Li while she was on duty. They restrained her in the Iron Chair to interrogate her. The police officers harassed Ms. Li's grandmother and forced her to open the front door even though they didn't have a warrant. They ransacked Ms. Li's property, including a computer, a printer, CDs, and 3,000 yuan cash. Ms. Li escaped from Saertu District Public Security Bureau early in the morning on her second day of detention and left home to avoid further persecution.

Police officers from Saertu District Public Security Bureau harassed and threatened Ms. Li's family and relatives many times. They did not allow her grandmother to stay at home. Later, they ordered some officers to take turns living in and monitoring Ms. Li's house. Finally, she was arrested while she was waiting in a car on September 22, 2007.

The arresting officers, Zhong Yuzhen and He Lingzhi, brutally beat Ms. Li for a long time, causing her great pain and injury. The deputy director of Daqing Branch Bureau, Lin Guoli, ordered Saertu police officers to torture Ms. Li brutally. They took turns torturing her cruelly for several days and as a result she suffered third degree burns. They forced her to sit in an Iron Chair and did not allow her to sleep for several days; forced her to sit under a large custom-made, hot blazing light bulb; and so on. They attempted to bring some accusations to sentence her. The police officers recorded their brutalities with a video camera.

Ms. Li was held illegally for over three months at the Daqing Detention Center. The police officers were so afraid that their vicious acts would be exposed that they refused to allow Ms. Li's family to visit her. The Saertu Bureau attempted to indict Ms. Li illegally. They sent her case to the court in the Saertu District, Daqing City. Because of "insufficient evidence," the court rejected her case three times, but the bureau police still refused to release her.

Those responsible for this persecution were a deputy director, Li Anbo; Political Security Team officers; Liu Jianhua; and others who colluded with the Daqing National Security Division to interrogate Ms. Li illegally and made some false accusations against her.

Daqing National Security Division personnel have brutally and inhumanely tortured Falun Gong practitioners since July 20, 1999. The police officer, Zhong Ming, has been the main person to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, including Jiang Pai who died as a result of the persecution. Li Yuchun, Liu Baofeng, and Zhang Ningning (female) and other National Security Team officers have actively participated in persecuting practitioners. Ms. Li is not safe.

Ms. Li's grandmother and little daughter worry about her. In the seven years she has been away from home and imprisoned, her aged grandmother has been taken in by another relative because no one else could take care of her. Her grandmother has since become seriously ill and often cries. Ms. Li's little daughter was taken by her father, who has re-married. Her daughter longs to see her mother. Ms. Li's father has been terribly concerned for his daughter during this time. His health has worsened and he has become emaciated. Ms. Li's family has been broken apart by the persecution, and they have not been able to get help or find justice anywhere.