(Clearwisdom.net) Since 2000, Ms. Guo Fengyu from Mei County, Mei City, Guangdong Province has been subjected to illegal arrest, detainment, forced labor camps and brainwashing sessions. The 61-year-old woman has been given injections with unknown drugs by officers led by Pan Zhipeng, Police Chief at the Chendong Police Station. Each year, the police have gone to her home 3-5 times to ransack it and intimidate her and her family.

In December 2000, Ms. Guo went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. She was stopped at a Guangzhou transfer station and detained in Guangzhou for 80 days. At the detention center, over 30 practitioners were dragged up to the second floor. Some practitioners' clothing were torn, and some had their hands injured. Ms. Guo's left hand was injured so badly that she could not lift it for more than a year.

Over 30 practitioners were locked in three rooms. Each room was about 5-7 square meters, including a toilet. The room was locked 24 hours a day. Every day, only two meals and drinking water were provided. No water was given for washing or brushing teeth. If the guards saw the practitioners doing the exercises, they would douse them with buckets of cold water. On freezing winter nights, the practitioners could only sit up the whole night since the concrete floor was so cold. The guards sprayed the practitioners with cold water seven times and took away their warm clothing. They only gave the practitioners a little bit of rice to eat. The practitioners went on hunger strike for six days to protest the inhumane treatment. Two practitioners continued the hunger strike for over 20 days to protest, and they were brutally forced fed. Twenty days later, those two practitioners were sent to a mental hospital to be persecuted further.

The local Chendong police station extorted more than 6,000 yuan from Ms. Guo, although 3,000 yuan was later returned. Later, while she was illegally detained at Sanshui Labor Camp, the local government authorities seized 4,000 yuan from her. For five months, her salary was stopped. They seized approximately 9,000 yuan from her in total.

On March 8, 2001, Chendong police station authorities extorted 6,000 yuan from Ms. Guo and then notified her family to take her back home. On the afternoon of March 9, Guo Fengyu's family members saw her and were shocked by her terrible condition. One policeman said to Ms. Guo, "We will release you if you give up practicing." When she refused, the police would not let her leave. After her family left, the police sent her to Fuda Detention Center.

The long-term torture led to physical problems for Ms. Guo. She agreed to be injected with glucose, but when they gave her the injection, she immediately started shaking and passed out. She never found out what they actually injected her with.

A month later, the detention center sent Ms. Guo to a brainwashing center. Two weeks later, they sent about 10 practitioners, including Ms. Guo, to Sanshui Labor Camp. The long-term torture made her very weak, and one day she lost consciousness in the workshop. After she was revived, the labor camp authorities tried to release her, but the local government officials refused to take her into their custody.

At the forced labor camp, Ms. Guo saw guards forcing practitioners out of their poses if they started to do the Falun Gong exercises. If practitioners refused to wear the labor camp uniform, they are denied food. The practitioners were surrounded by people monitoring them around the clock. One practitioner lost the ability to look after his daily needs, and was sent to a hospital every day. They covered him with a white cloth on the way in and out of the labor camp, and refused to release him on medical grounds.

At about 9 p.m. on May 16, 2006, Police Chief Pan Zhipeng and three policemen went to Yushui to arrest Ms. Guo. She was forced into a brainwashing center, where she suffered physical and mental torture.

As the police officers were arresting her, they threw her down to the ground. One twisted her right arm, another twisted her right foot, while a third pinned her down with both knees. Ms. Guo could not move and lost consciousness. They dragged her along the ground for several meters and then lifted her up. She was then forced into a car and sent to the Lao County Police Station.

On the second day after arriving at the brainwashing center, Ms. Guo could not get up. She had to lie down all day long and took no food or water. Head of the brainwashing center Hu verbally abused her, saying that she was holding a hunger strike. Former practitioners who had turned against Dafa at the brainwashing center continued to abuse her and subject her to brainwashing, in spite of her obviously poor health.

Ms. Guo's right knee was swollen so badly that she had great difficulty walking. She had to go to the bathroom slowly while holding on to the side of the bed. She could not squat down fully to use the bathroom. A month later, Ms. Guo's foot gradually recovered, but her overall health was failing and her life was in danger. The police authorities still did not release her right away, and forced her family to write a guarantee statement before they let her go.