(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Che Hongfei is a 37-year-old English teacher and Falun Dafa practitioner from Hongqi Town, the Yingkou District, Liaoning Province. He taught English at Hongqi Middle School in Yingkou City and was later hired by Xiongyue High School in Xiongyue City. He has been arrested many times by Hongqi Town Police Station and Xiongyue Public Security Bureau officials.

The first two arrests were initiated by the police at the Hongqi Town Station. He was teaching in Hongqi Middle School at the time, and he was held in Gaizhou City Detention Center for 15 days and then transferred to Yingkou Correctional Facility. He was released five months later, after developing tuberculosis. They arrested him again shortly afterwards, and he was released 20 days later, after starting a hunger strike in Boyuquan Detention Center.

Mr. Che was fired by both Hongqi Middle School and Xiongyue High School. He then rented a room in Xiongyue City and tutored several students in English for a living. He told his students the facts about Dafa, but one of them reported him to the school. Security personnel from the high school stripped him, brutally beat him, and then took him to Xiongyue City Public Security Bureau. The police there tied him to the tiger bench and tortured him. He was then transferred to Boyuquan Detention Center, where he started a hunger strike and was released 13 days later. This was the third time that he was persecuted.

After Mr. Che was released from Boyuquan, he was in a motor vehicle accident and his elbow was fractured. He told Mr. Jin, who had run into him, that he practiced Falun Gong and did not ask for any compensation from him. Mr. Jin was deeply moved. Before Mr. Che had fully recovered, he began looking for a job to support his family.

In late summer of 2005, officers from the Hongqi Police Station told him to come to the station for questioning. He was then sent to Boyuquan Detention Center at 8 p.m. that night. He was brutally tortured again. The guards instigated a criminal inmate to burn his injured elbow. Mr. Che was released eight days after starting a hunger strike.

In February 2006, Mr. Che went to teach English in a private high school in the Hong District of Shenyang City. He talked about Dafa with his students, and again one of the students reported him to the school principal, who later reported him to the police. Officers from the Hong District Police Station arrested him and transferred him to Boyuquan Detention Center. He was sentenced to seven years in Dalian Prison. The prison authorities refused to accept him due to his poor health, so he was returned to Boyuquan Detention Center.

At the detention center, Mr. Che was beaten numerous times by inmates that were instigated by the guards. His pants were torn to pieces during the beatings. He was in critical condition after being on a hunger strike for over a month, and was then sent to Boyuquan Hospital for emergency treatment. While he was in the hospital, court officials forced Mr. Che to sign his name on the verdict and told his family to take him home, stating that from that point on, the authorities would bear no responsibility for his condition.

Officers from the Hongqi Town Police Station monitored him closely around the clock everyday. The guards watched even when he was asleep at night. Nine days later, he escaped and went to Shenzhen to avoid further persecution.

Mr. Che clarified the truth while working in Shenzhen and was arrested by officers from the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. He was transferred to Hongqi Town Police Station and then sent to Boyuquan Detention Center for one night. He was eventually taken to Dalian Prison and then transferred to Anshan Prison. He has been on a hunger strike for over seven months, and the prison guards have force-fed him from the beginning. He was handcuffed to a bed 24 hours a day, and the other inmates had to clean his bedpan. He suffered a relapse of tuberculosis, and a chest X-ray showed a large shadow in his lungs, but the Anshan Prison authorities still refused to release him for medical care.

On December 27, 2007, Mr. Che Hongfei was in critical condition. Anshan Prison refused to assume responsibility for him and transferred him back to Dalian Prison. On December 29, 2007, his family went to visit him in Dalian Prison. After his long-term hunger strike, he could no longer be force-fed through a tube and has been kept alive with IVs. Mr. Che is suffering from generalized muscular atrophy, arrhythmia, upper gastric bleeding, and severe anemia. He does not have the strength to talk or to open his eyes. He is severely emaciated, and his life is in grave danger.

Mr. Che Hongfei's family has requested his release due to his medical condition. The warden has refused, stating that it is up to higher-level authorities to make the decision.

Dalian Prison: 86-411-86906662

Anshan Prison Director Li: 86-1318808080608 (Cell)

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