(Clearwisdom.net) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. Experiencing all I have since then, I feel I was very lucky to encounter Falun Dafa. I will share some of my experiences, namely, how to understand that whatever you experience during your cultivation--whether good or bad--is good, and how to turn bad things into good ones.

In May 2007, my husband suddenly developed bone spurs and prolapse of the lumbar intervertebral disc which made it very painful for him to walk. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with stomach cancer. This was very disturbing to me and as a result I cried a lot. I often recalled how badly my mother-in-law treated me and had forgotten to judge everything with the standard of Fa, but instead indulged in the human sentiments. I decided to call on another practitioner to exchange views with her.

She pointed out that my affection for my family was too deep, and that many attachments were displayed as a result. She said, "We are cultivators. We are on the path to divinity. Whatever we encounter is not coincidence, but has elements inside for our improvement. Everything around us is evolved to remove our attachments, and also facilitated by our attachments. Therefore, we should treat everything with righteous thoughts and follow Teacher's direction to solve problems and turn bad things into good ones." She added, "If you really act on their behalf, you should introduce them to cultivation. This way you are truly considerate of others. That is the reflection of your genuine xinxing especially since everyone has come for Fa."

With Teacher's care and the fellow practitioner's support, my husband and mother-in-law began to practice Falun Dafa as well. To help my mother-in-law, the fellow practitioner took her to her home for over a half a month. By practicing exercises and studying Fa every day, my mother-in-law's health improved greatly. My husband cultivated quite diligently, and all his disease disappeared. He even insists on practicing the exercises at his workplace.

Although there were many forms of interference, I now treat them all as opportunities for good, since with pure hearts, everything can be transformed, corrected and assimilated.

I express my gratitude for Teacher's graceful care and fellow practitioners' selfless help.