(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Chunyan, 36 years old, is a practitioner from Xingantai Village in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province. She was arrested by police officers from the Hegang City Police Station and sentenced to one year in a forced labor camp because she distributed truth-clarification materials. In September, 2007, Ms. Li was imprisoned in Division Eight of Jiamusi City Labor Camp, Heilongjiang Province.

In the labor camp, Ms. Li Chunyan suffered severe torture because she protested the persecution and refused to wear a prison uniform. On October 8, Division Head Mou Zhenjuan (female) ordered Team Head Liu Yadong (female) and Deputy Team Head Zhang Yan (female) to handcuff Ms. Li Chunyan's hands separately to the corners of a bed and forced her to sit on a small bench for over twenty days. Two big holes began to fester on her buttocks as a result. Her vision has become blurry and she cannot control her bowels or bladder. Even with Ms. Li in this condition, Guard Zhang Yan incites inmates to take Ms. Li outside every morning and force her to sit on the cement floor to watch the prisoners doing the morning exercises. During more than two months of torture, Ms. Li Chunyan's weight fell from over 100 pounds down to 78 pounds. She is in critical condition and cannot take care of herself.