(Clearwisdom.net) On November 28, 2007, the Chicheng County Court in Hebei Province held a so-called "public trial" at Qiaodong Court in Zhangjiakou City. Seven Falun Gong practitioners--Ms. Wang Yufeng, Ms. Wang Yuzhen, Ms. Wang Yuhai, Ms. Chen Haiyan, Mr. Zhao Bingheng, Ms. Guo Xiulin, and Ms. Lin Cuilian (separately imprisoned in Zhangjiakou City, Huailai and Chicheng County)--were brought in for an illegal court hearing. Afterwards, Ms. Wang Yuzhen, Ms. Chen Haiyan, Ms. Lin Cuilian from Chicheng County, and ten practitioners from another area imprisoned at the Shisanli Detention Center in Zhangjiakou City started a hunger strike to resist the Chinese Communist Party's illegal imprisonment and persecution. Three practitioners (whose names are unclear) became so ill that they were taken to the 251 Hospital. These practitioners have already been on hunger strikes for over three weeks, and the detention center had been continuously turning down their families' requests to visit them. The current status of the practitioners is not clear.

Ever since the hearing on November 28, the families of practitioners from Chicheng County, including Ms. Wang Yufeng, have been petitioning local political and judiciary committees, courts, "Procuratorates," and other relevant departments to request the release of the practitioners as soon as possible. Other practitioners also have continually clarified the truth, written letters trying to persuade people to do good deeds, and mailed out truth-clarifying materials to relevant personnel who participated in the persecution and those employed in related departments. However, these people always dodge the practitioners by making excuses, such as that they have to report to the provincial level for approval, they have to postpone the practitioners' release, and so on.

County Party Committee Secretary Zhao Zhanhua: 86-13503135958 (Cell)
Wang Shaohua, court director: 86-13603136259 (Cell)
Zhang Yuming, court deputy director: 86-13603130454 (Cell)
Li Maoping, court deputy director: 86-13932328224 (Cell)
Huang Zhong, criminal court presiding judge: 86-13503131959 (Cell)