(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I discussed the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts with fellow practitioners during a group Fa-study. Through Fa-study, the practitioners in our city unanimously determined that sending forth concentrated righteous thoughts aimed at the local judicial and police departments, as well as the den of evildoers where Dafa practitioners were imprisoned, was of utmost importance.

I remember that one day in 2006, slogans and posters slandering Dafa were posted over an entire wall in the Shengli community. After a discussion among fellow practitioners, some practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to cleanse the field of the evil, and some practitioners destroyed the slanderous posters and put up Dafa content in its place. When we tore down one poster after another, there was a rumbling sound as loud as thunder. The local authorities responded by welding a slanderous signboard with iron legs at the top of the building. It was very eye-catching, and they thought the signboard was very sturdy. However, with persistent righteous thoughts sent by several practitioners, the signboard was destroyed during snowstorms 15 days after the Chinese New Year of 2007, but the nearby signboards on the neighboring buildings were all fine.

In December 2007, the municipal government was holding the first conference of the fifth session of the Political Consultative Conference, and the authorities again put up a banner with slanderous slogans. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. After a while, the banner drooped down, but I didn't think I had achieved what Master said in "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil," so I continued to recite the Fa-rectification verses. After a few minutes, the entire sign fell apart.

Master said,

"How could you not get rid of the bad and wicked elements, then, within the scope that you encompass, in the place that you are responsible for? You have to eliminate them. Some Dafa disciples don't take sending righteous thoughts seriously, and not only are they themselves interfered with: Those wicked factors are interfering with other Dafa disciples as well. Can't you do well at what you are supposed to do? Not only must you do your own part well, but you should help others, too." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles")

I have some new understandings regarding this paragraph of the Fa. Regardless of the time or place, we can't allow space for evil, and we must thoroughly eliminate and dissolve the evil with righteous thoughts at all times. Acting according to what Master says is the best way.

I respectfully share this with my fellow practitioners. Please kindly point out any mistakes. Heshi!