(Clearwisdom.net) There was something wrong with my printer for a long time. While studying the Fa repeatedly and cultivating my xinxing, I listened to Teacher's "Fa-Teaching Given to the Australian Falun Dafa Practitioners" (August 4, 2007) and suddenly realized that Teacher had already told us that we need to totally let go of the attachment of self and form a whole body. Only by doing this will we be able to do well in validating the Fa, and we will be able to save more sentient beings.

While reflecting on my cultivation a while ago, I felt that I was really focusing on my "self." The specific consequences of this mentality included paying more attention to what I was doing than to studying the Fa and cultivating xinxing. I was very busy every day and felt that I was very diligent in my cultivation. I thought I could save more sentient beings if I printed more truth-clarifying materials, but I did not pay attention to cultivating my xinxing. Teacher once mentioned that one divine being coming down would be able to do what all Dafa practitioners are doing. So why don't we allow the divine being to do that? Because we are practicing cultivation, not just doing things. Teacher hoped for us to improve through cultivation. If we indulge ourselves in doing things and cannot get ourselves out, aren't we looking at validating Dafa by using everyday people's mentality?

Paying More Attention to Personal Cultivation than Fellow Practitioners' Needs

I lacked compassion towards fellow practitioners' poor states. I thought that as practitioners they should cultivate themselves well, and I could only "give them suggestions." I didn't feel that I was responsible for the fellow practitioners after telling them my opinions. Even though I had chances to talk to fellow practitioners who were in poor states, I rarely tried to help them from the bottom of my heart. I felt that I was lacking in "being responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos."

Paying More Attention to My Personal Likes and Dislikes Than to the Various Needs of Sentient Beings

When preparing truth-clarification materials, I chose to print the materials that I liked. For those I did not like, I totally ignored them and thought I was being responsible to the Fa. I was attached to printing materials in color. Even when I had problems with my color printing cartridges, I did not consider just printing the materials in black-and-white. I wasted much time and did not produce materials in a timely manner. In fact, it was the attachment of self that prevented my wisdom from manifesting and fixing the problem.

Paying More Attention to Personal Understanding Than to Cooperating Harmoniously in Becoming One Body

When there was a need to cooperate with fellow practitioners in their Fa validating work, I thought that putting up banners was showing-off and having a competitive mentality. I also thought it might incite the police. I thought that distributing truth-clarification materials was a better way to help people learn the truth. I refused to cooperate with fellow practitioners only because I did not agree with their methods. I did not even send forth righteous thoughts to support these fellow practitioners.

Paying More Attention to My Own Capabilities Than the Power of the Whole Body

I believed that I would cultivate well if I did well with what I was doing. I did not realize that this kind of mentality indicated an attachment to self. It was like cultivating oneself in a cave. No matter how well one cultivates, it is only one particle. If we cannot form one whole body, the gaps between each particle will invite the evil to interfere. It will give the evil reason to exist. At present, it is Teacher who is validating the Fa. All Dafa practitioners will be kings in different celestial bodies in the future cosmos and will be responsible for their part of the cosmos. Only when all Dafa practitioners come together and achieve a state of no energy channels and no acupuncture points will Dafa's mighty power be achieved to the utmost. By then, we will reach genuine "non-omission" and the evil will naturally have no place to hide.

Looking back at the time when the Minghui special article about selling tickets was published, I deeply understood after reading it that the New York ticket sales was an opportunity for all Dafa practitioners to step out of "personal cultivation" and totally let go of themselves to quickly form one whole body. "Selfishness" is the fundamental characteristic of the beings from the old cosmos. "Personal cultivation" also belongs to this concept of self if viewed from a higher level. If one has the attachment of selfishness in one's cultivation practice, one actually has not completely stepped out of personal cultivation. One will thus not reach the standard of the new cosmos at all.

In the Fa validation process, those fellow practitioners who did more work in Fa validation are more likely to form a strong mindset of "self." "My experience, my capabilities, my understanding, my arrangement," etc. will come forth. What a regret! Validating the Fa requires courage. This kind of "self" certainly helped us at the beginning to become unmoved when facing various forms of interference. However, we are practicing cultivation and we want to reach a higher level. We should completely let go of all kinds of attachments.

The Fa-rectification of the human world is coming soon. Sentient beings are waiting for us to save them. Fellow practitioners, let us totally let go of our "self" and form one whole body that is as indestructible as diamond. The evil will naturally have no escape. The truth will be known to the whole world and more sentient beings will be saved.