(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wu Bilin, 59, is a practitioner from Wuhan City, Hubei Province. On August 6, 2007, she went to the family housing area of the "288 Plant" in the Huangpi District to clarify the truth. A person who was deceived by the propaganda reported her to the police. Officers from the Huangpi District Police Department arrested her, and she is being illegally detained at the Chenjiaji Brainwashing Center in the Jiang'an District, Wuhan City.

To protest the illegal detention, Ms. Wu held a hunger strike for several days. The temperature was high day after day in Wuhan City and as a result she became extremely weak. Hu Shaobin (male) with the Jiang'an District 610 Office incited evildoers to force-feed her with vinegar and chili water several times a day. They also violently struck her.

The Laodong Street Police Station in Wuhan City was also involved in this persecution. For eight years the harassment and mistreatment of Ms. Wu by the 610 Offices in Wuhan City caused her family great anguish. Her husband could not sleep and her 80-year-old mother developed a cerebral hemorrhage and was hospitalized after learning of her daughter's arrest.

Practitioner Mr. Cheng Dehan, 30, is a staff member of the Vehicle Plant in Jiang'an District, Wuhan City. On June 22, officers from the No. 1 Police Division in Wuhan City arrested him, illegally searched his home, and seized 1,000 yuan. As a result, his parents, wife, and children have lost their main source of income. At present, he has been transferred from the Jiang'an District Detention Center to the Chenjiaji Brainwashing Center.

Jiangan District 610 Office: 86-27-827739771
Chenjiaji Brainwashing Center in the Jiangan District: 86-15907120167 (Cell)
Hu Shaobin, the Jiangan District 610 Office: 86-13871508388 (Cell)