(Clearwisdom.net) I cried every day after I was incarcerated in Jiangsu Province Women's Forced Labor Camp. However, after I was transferred to the No. 3 Team, I noticed that Falun Gong practitioners received even worse treatment. Evildoing guard Hong Ying made me monitor practitioners and compelled me to report practitioners' activities, including making a list of who practitioners made eye contact with or smiled at.

The practitioners who refused to be "reformed" were on the third floor. One day in the winter, guard Ding Hui called me to the third floor. It turned out that the guards were urging inmates to "reform" 60-year-old practitioner Ms. Song Cuiping. The guards forced us to pour cold water on her, soaking her through and through. Guard Ding Hui then made us to take off Song Cuiping's clothes. She was left shivering in only her underwear. They then covered her eyes, forced us to put two benches together, and made her stand on them. I was afraid she would fall, so I stood beside her. The guards verbally abused me for doing this. Ms. Song wanted to use the restroom, but the guards would not let her. When she wet her pants, guard Ding Hui made us use Ms. Song clothes to wipe it off. That day I was so sad and upset that I did not eat.

I witnessed many guards and inmates torturing practitioners who refused to be "reformed."

Two drug addicts would not let practitioner Ms. Gong Jinxiu sleep. At night they made her kneel by a barrel full of urine. When she nodded off, her head would drop into the barrel. Her hair and clothes were wet with urine.

Some "re-education assistants" often boasted about how they tortured practitioners. A prostitute named Fang Fang herself admitted that she and a group of other inmates used a toothbrush to savage the vagina of practitioner Ms. Xi Liuying.

Some did not permit practitioners to use the restroom, so the practitioners had no choice but to soil themselves. And then they railed at the practitioners for having bad hygiene.