(Clearwisdom.net) When I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong this year, my two-year-old daughter ran to the Monument on her own and raised her arms to practice the second exercise, the Falun Standing Stance. She said she saw that Master was right in the Square. The plainclothes police saw her, ran after her here and there, but couldn't do anything because she was too small. Foreigners asked me to hold her in my arms and take photos with them.

Before I practiced Falun Gong, I was a ne'er-do-well. As my mother put it, I held down no decent job and was just an idler. My mother worried to death about me. If it were not for Falun Dafa and our Master, whose compassionate power changed me after I started to practice Falun Dafa, my mother would have cut off relations with me long ago. She would also have broken down mentally.

In 2005 after I had been a practitioner for some time, I went to see my mother. I said to her, "I practice Falun Gong now. I have changed and am now a good person. This Falun Gong is really good. It can purify your body and soul." My mother was in despair and glanced at me in disgust, saying, "Can anything you practice be a good thing?" She didn't have any faith in me at all. Only then did I realize how much I had hurt my mother. In her mind I was a swindler and scum. My heart sank down to the bottom, and I could hardly bear such humiliation. But I didn't say much. I would change her thinking with my own actions.

As time went on, my mother saw that I had gotten rid of many bad habits such as smoking, drinking, gambling, cheating, etc. She saw that I had truly changed.

One day in 1997 she suddenly came to see me and asked, "Can I also practice the exercises you are doing?" I was very happy, but I said to her calmly, "Yes, certainly." Then I bought a copy of Zhuan Falun and Master's other articles and gave them to her. She read them and decided to practice straight away.

When the CCP started to slander Dafa and Master in 1999, my mother and my wife carried my daughter, who was only several months old, and went a long way to Beijing by tricycle with some local practitioners. Later on, perpetrators from her work unit and the 610 Office often harassed and threatened her. She was arrested, beaten, and detained. Even today one of her eyes is not good as a result of injury sustained in police custody.

Two fellow practitioners introduced my wife and me to each other. We then got married. My wife was a person of few words but she did everything well and solidly. She was very determined in cultivation. She refused to cooperate when she was persecuted. She went on a hunger strike for eight days and was released. In comparison, I didn't do as well. After the authorities illegally arrested me and sent me to the brainwashing center, my human attachments arose, and I didn't do well when they threatened me.

At the time I was in total despair. I felt that I was finished. So many years of cultivation were finished in an instant. My employer sent two people to monitor me, and we had to share one room. I slept in the middle bed. To dispell my anxieties I started drinking alcohol again. When I finished one bottle, the Falun in my lower abdomen spun once and became quiet. At the time I thought it was an illusion because I had betrayed Master and Dafa. Could Master possibly still take care of me? I thought it must be an illusion.

But when I lay down, the Falun in my abdomen spun quickly. It was as big as a car wheel. My quilt was spun into the air by the Falun and fell down. I sat up with the movement. The two persons next to me were terrified, and thought that I had kicked the quilt into the air. I told them that everything was okay and I had to go to the toilet. In the bathroom, I was still wondering if it could be possibly true. But to test to see if it was true, I held my arms before my forehead to do the second standing stance exercise. As soon as I held up my arms to form a circle, I felt the Falun rotating strongly. You could not imagine how excited I was at the time. But later on I felt I had failed Master. My heart was so heavy, and didn't feel better after I was released. Sometimes I was clearheaded but other times I was muddleheaded.

But my wife didn't blame me at all. She often reminded me to study the Fa attentively. Every day she urged me to send forth righteous thoughts, encouraged me not to be afraid, and to face the evil courageously. Fellow practitioners encouraged me to start again and to come back to Fa-rectification cultivation as well. My wife and fellow practitioners' encouragement and tolerance, and Master's immense compassion increased my confidence, and I started all over again.

One afternoon, my wife urged me to send forth righteous thoughts with her. When I entered the ding state, I suddenly saw a demon standing outside the window in black and white robes with its hair dishevelled. It was staring at me and extended his demonic claw trying to get me as soon as it saw me sitting down to send forth righteous thoughts. I had never seen such things before and was so terrified that my hair stood up on end, and goose bumps rose all over my body. But the worst thing was that I forgot the Fa-rectification verse and instead shouted, "Falun is always rotating and the Buddha Fa is boundless." Nevertheless, the Falun in my lower abdomen started spinning fast and sucked in the demon's claw. I saw that the demon wanted to retreat but couldn't. The powerful force emitted by the Falun sucked the body of the demon in and broke it into pieces. It disappeared into thin air. Suddenly I felt my head become clear and I was happy.

Our compassionate Master cleared away the demon who tried to monitor and control me. I was truly free now. Then I saw that countless Dafa disciples were sitting on a big lotus in the vast cosmos sending forth righteous thoughts, all glittering, so beautiful and so solemn. I know Master was encouraging me by letting me see those beautiful scenes so that I could walk well the rest of my path and not let the demon take advantage of me again.

Then I enlightened to the understanding that if we deviate from Master and the Fa, we are not able to move even one step. As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, if our heart is not on the Fa, then we are validating ourselves, not the Fa, and the demon will take advantage of us and make trouble for us. This Fa principle was manifested in the following incident.

One day my wife and I went to another city a hundred miles away to buy a photocopying machine that cost us over ten thousand yuan. It broke down not long after we started to use it. The cylinder got stuck and we were not able to take it out. I dismantled the whole printer and couldn't fix it either. I sent forth righteous thoughts once. Due to my unsteady state, it didn't work. My wife said to me eventually, "We should calm our minds and send forth righteous thoughts once more to ask Master for help. If it still doesn't work, then we have to send it away for repair."

I sent forth righteous thoughts and at the same time I asked Master to help. Then I heard the photocopier make some noises. My heart was moved because I knew that Master had used his immense Fa power to fix the photocopier. I said to my wife with excitement, "Please turn the machine on. Master has fixed it for us." The photocopier worked properly and we were able to take out the cylinder.

From this incident my wife and I enlightened to the fact that during the process of validating the Fa, if we deviate from the Fa and our viewpoint is wrong, then we will have trouble and tests and will not be able to pass them; otherwise everything will be smooth. Though we did the same task, if our viewpoint and the goal were different, then the result would be different. As far as I know, some practitioners had prolonged the service life of the machine by several times. The machine still works perfectly well. But some practitioners bought a new machine, made several copies, and then the machine stopped working, and even had to be scrapped. We truly have to ponder: why is the result so different even though we are the same Master's disciples and do the same things?

We enlightened to this Fa principle. When we do things, we try to keep a righteous mentality. We cooperate well. I made the master copy, my wife did the photocopying, and my mother put the truth-clarification materials into bags. When the machine was out of order, I was responsible for the repair and maintenance. In the evening we went out to distribute the truth-clarifying materials. I rode the bicycle with my wife sitting on the back with a big bag of materials. We went through streets and villages and the materials were gone quickly.

Our whole family practices cultivation. Dafa brings harmony, peace, and happiness to my family. Ordinary people and our colleagues admire us so much. It is Dafa that bestows all of these blessings on us.