Greetings Venerable Teacher! Greetings Fellow Practitioners!

I started to practice Falun Dafa at the end of 1997. Though nine years have passed, I still have many things to improve and rectify to meet the standard of the Fa. I have stumbled my way through. It was all because of Teacher's protection and care for me that I have made it thus far. Here I'd like to share some magnificent things that I experienced during my cultivation.

One night in the year 2000, my husband and I went to a rural area to distribute truth-clarification materials. We walked about ten miles in ten hours from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day. We covered many villages in two counties. In the end, I couldn't walk anymore. Teacher then strengthened me. I knew that I was walking, but my I could not feel my feet touch the ground. I felt like I was floating in the air. With Teacher's help, I was able to distribute all the materials that would save sentient beings.

In February 2001, I was forcibly taken to a detention center. I didn't follow the commands of the police and I protested against the brainwashing sessions. The police then tied me with a rope and hung me up on a pear tree outside the detention center under the scorching sun. I passed out and when I came to, my hands had turned purple. My first thought was that I should try to do the first exercise. Immediately, I felt my blood circulating again and my whole body became light. I'd like to validate what Teacher said in his poem "The Master-Disciple Bond" in Hongyin II:

"When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide"

In April 2003, a local fellow practitioner asked me to manage the funds for making truth-clarification materials. She unintentionally wrote down my name and the name of another fellow practitioner. Later, the police claimed that a thief had broken into her home and they used it as an excuse to search her home. They found that piece of paper and arrested the other fellow practitioner who later mentioned my name. Then, five or six police officers from the Area National Security Squad came to my home to arrest me. I explained the facts of Falun Gong to them for the whole morning. At noon, one of them stayed to watch me and the rest went back home for lunch. I continued to clarify the truth to him. My tenants also told him that my husband and I are exceptionally kind people because we practice Falun Gong. That police officer had nothing to say but, "Yes, it's good." In the afternoon, four or five police officers came again. I continued to talk to them. At night, over ten police officers came and woke up all my neighbors in the building. All the tenants could see them search my home. A few police officers surrounded me in the living room. When I tried to call the local police substation, they took the telephone away. Even when all my neighbors criticized them for their illegal actions, they were still quite rampant. Having a strong righteous thought that I should expose their crimes, I ran out of our living room and outside the building shouting loudly, "The police are robbing me. My friends, please come out. There is nothing wrong with following Truth, Compassion, Forbearance. The police are illegally searching my home and trying to arrest me. They are committing crimes!" Many people came out to see what had happened. The police were afraid. Four or five of them forcibly took me to the police car. Another three or four stayed to search my home. They hurriedly left my home when all the people began protesting their actions. My tenant said in a serious tone to the police, "You will have to answer for your crimes if you take any of her belongings. You must release her tomorrow." The police quickly departed from the scene.

After they had taken me to the public security department, over ten police officers took turns to talk to me. They said, "You were trying to stir things up. Fortunately, nothing happened." Indeed, some people almost fought with them when they learned what the police had done to me and my family. The next day, the police asked me to describe what happened. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to report to their boss. I started to talk and they recorded what I said. Then I came to realize that I was recognizing the old forces' arrangements when I followed their commands. At that time, most them had left for lunch. I asked the person who was taking notes to show me the notes. When I got hold of the notes, I tore them up. He was shocked and tried to hit me. I sent forth righteous thoughts to stop him. Eventually, he called his boss. The head of their department came back and handcuffed me and said that they would send me to a detention center. I said in my mind, "What you said does not count. Only what my Teacher says counts." Over ten police officers tried to tape the torn notes together. Some of them threatened me. They couldn't get me cooperate with them. In the end, they released me.

With Teacher's care and fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts to strengthen me, I was free of their clutches with dignity in one day.