(Clearwisdom.net) Since the beginning of 2007, the Women's Prison in Shaanxi Province has increased the intensity of its mistreatment of Falun Dafa practitioners. Since April 2007, brainwashing sessions have been conducted on individual practitioners, increasingly pressuring them to accept "transformation." Since June, the prison has used the excuse of looking for Teacher's new articles to torture practitioners with electric batons, brutal beatings, hanging them up, and sleep deprivation. The prison also uses inmates to closely watch practitioners' every word and act. Recently, right before the Mid-Autumn Day Festival and the October 1 CCP National Day, the prison processed many products for the festivals. The prison intensified the pressure on practitioners by forcing them to do hard labor for over 20 hours a day, which was beyond their physical limits. They had only two hours to rest, excluding eating and washing. Even during regular periods, extended work hours were very common. It was not unusual for them to work until 10:00 p.m. or even midnight. Under the long period of extended hours of hard labor and other emotionally oppressive situations, many practitioners became extremely thin and their hair turned gray. Still, they were forced to do hard labor. After the festivals, the brainwashing sessions will resume.

During the so-called "study sessions" in the brainwashing sessions, the guards continuously presented materials slandering Falun Dafa with sentences such as "enlightening on an evil path." The practitioners who have suffered the most severe mistreatment include Ms. Ma Yuhua, Ms. Zuo Li, Ms. Li Yanfang, Ms. Ru Hongxia, and Ms. Gou Yufang.

The torture exposed here is but a drop in the ocean, as there are many more despicable acts taking place that are still covered up and not known to the world.

Women's Prison of Shaanxi Province:

Prison Administration Division: 86-29-86246945

Prison Wardens: Xin Haibo (male), Zhao Hailian (female)
Prison Administration Division: Ji Jiafen (female), Liu Yilin (male), Chen Feng (male)
Ninth Ward: Shi Jianrong (head), Zhang Wenxia (female)
Eighth Ward: Yang Jin (female), Zhang Jianshu (female), Li Ping (female)
Seventh Ward: Lei Xiaorong (female)
Third Ward: Sun Yunxia (female)

September 21, 2007