(Clearwisdom.net) In July of this year, Ms. Yu Shuying from Tangshan City, Hebei Province was illegally arrested. On August 18, after she had been detained for over a month, the Tangshan public security bureau Lubei division sent her family an arrest notice, claiming that Yu Shuying "was suspected of being involved in sabotaging the implementation of the law through an illegal organization." The Tangshan City Lubei area People's Procuratorate authorized the arrest. On August 15, 2007, she was officially arrested by the Tangshan Public Security Bureau, Lubei Division, and is now detained in the Tangshan First Detention Center.

At around 11:00 a.m. on July 9, 2007, Ms. Yu, who lived in the Fangtukuan Building in the Lubei area of Tangshan, was cooking at home. The secretary of the Party committee and the police from the Lubei area public security bureau and the Lubei area Xinglizhuang Security Office deceived her by saying that they needed to check a registration record and broke into her home. They took her to the security office and confiscated her computer, printer, and other personal belongings. They also took into custody her husband, who was released later that night. Yu Shuying was detained at the Tangshan First Detention Center.

On August 13, her family again went to the Xinglizhuang Security Office to see her. The people in charge of her case are Geng Yilin and Zhao Jinyang, the officers that arrested her and ransacked her home. Zhao Jinyang was mainly in charge of going to the First Detention Center to interrogate Yu Shuying. They did not provide any information about her to her family and claimed that they did not have the authority to let them see her. In fact, Zhao Jinyang had just received a phone call from the First Detention Center saying that Yu Shuying had a high fever. Zhao Jinyang said that they were not responsible for treating her.

When Yu Shuying's family asked Zhao Jinyang for information about her, Zhao did not mention that she was sick. Her family requested to see her, but Zhao denied having the authority to allow it. When her family asked again and said that she did not commit any crime, Zhao Jinyang turned his back and left.

On August 14, the Xinglizhuang Security Office called Yu Shuying's neighbor to notify her family to go to the security office. When her family got there, police officer Geng Yilin said that Yu Shuying was sick and asked them to get some money together. She said that it was expensive for medical treatment in the security office, implying that they would need to hand over a lot of money.

Her family said that Yu Shuying had not been sick at home and only became sick after being detained, therefore they should not be responsible for the treatment. They also asked why the family was not notified the day before when they came to try to see her. Geng Yilin immediately changed the story and said that she was recovering, and her fever was gone. When her family told him that he would be held responsible if Yu Shuying had any problems, Geng said they were only in charge of arresting people and nothing else.

Yu Shuying's family told them that they regretted signing the arrest notification because the police arrested good people. Her family asked Geng Yilin to send her home. Geng Yilin said that it did not matter whether they signed the notification or not. He also told them that even now, Yu Shuying had denied any wrongdoing and refused to sign. The police said that not signing did not mean that she did not commit a crime. They only needed to put "refused to sign" on the notice and stamp it, then they could sentence her.

At present, 48-year-old Yu Shuying is still in the Tangshan First Detention Center.

Xinglizhuang Security Office in the Lubei area, Tangshan: 86-315-3714924

Director: Song Qingjun