(Clearwisdom.net) One day I received a phone call from my hometown. A lifelong friend of mine had late stage stomach cancer that had spread to his liver and lungs. Any kind of surgery would be of no use, so he was undergoing chemotherapy. He wanted to give up the treatment, but his family insisted that he continue. He was a kindhearted person, and he had done many good deeds. He used to treat me as his child. However, before retiring, he was a security guard for a high-level government official. He was someone who was trusted by the Communist regime. Hearing this news, I was very concerned. I decided to go back to my hometown, not only for him, but also for many relatives and friends who have karmic relationships with me.

I have been away from my hometown for over 20 years, and recently I have seldom gone back because my family and relatives have all moved away. Even though I have always told those who came visit me in the city the truth about Falun Gong, the number of people who have come and stayed with us has been small. There were still many people who had karmic relationships with me. Therefore, I decided to make this special trip back to my hometown.

As soon as I made this decision, tribulations beset me. First of all, the interference came from within myself. I started to have severe diarrhea and a high fever. After that, I found blood in my urine. External interference came next. Policemen came to my home, and they were even more wicked than before. My father, who lived in a different city, called me several times after he learned about my plan. He probably had guessed my reasons for the trip. Hence, he repeatedly told me not to tell people about Falun Gong. After going through the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) numerous political movements, he was terrified to think that something bad might happen to me.

Urinating blood and feeling very weak, I was almost confused by these symptoms. I sometimes felt like I was close to death. Whenever this happened, my human mentality would arise and I would not know the reasons behind my problems. Searching inside myself, I found many loopholes. I had been busy with my job, and I had not been able to do the three things well. Because of that, I consulted fellow practitioners whose encouragement strengthened my confidence. "Hearing the Tao in the morning, one can die in the evening." There was nothing to fear, yet I should not die like that. There were still many sentient beings waiting for me to save them. Furthermore, I had not yet fulfilled my prehistoric wish. Since I realized this, I added one thought when I sent forth righteous thoughts: "Regardless of what kind of loopholes I have, I will not allow the old forces to take advantage of them. I must walk on the path that Teacher arranged for me and completely deny the old forces' arrangements." Regardless of what was happening to my body, now that I had made up my mind, I would make the trip back to my hometown as planned.

In order to help my sick friend before the trip, I called his sister and asked her to help him quit the CCP and its associated organizations as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I told them to say "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." At first they did not understand why. Unable to give many details on the phone, I asked if she could contact her former classmate (a practitioner) to get the details. A few days later, she called me and said that she did go to see that practitioner. In addition, she even helped her family members and some relatives to quit the CCP and its associations. When I heard that, I felt so relieved, knowing that these lives had been saved.

The first stop on my trip back to my hometown was the city where my sick friend lived. I not only saw him, but also his family. Although they had quit the CCP and its associated organizations, they were not quite clear why they should have done so. All of them were very kindhearted people, so they easily accepted what I told them. The results were very good. I left with them some truth-clarifying materials, and told the sick friend to sincerely say, "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." when he was going through treatment. He promised me that he would. Before I left (two weeks later), his check-up results showed that the tumor metastasis had disappeared. The treatment was very successful. I knew that he had gotten good returns.

I also went to clarify the truth to several of my relatives' families. I told almost everyone the facts about Falun Gong. Although some had already quit the CCP, they understood the reasons much better after I explained the truth to them. Many others also quit even though they did not do so before. One stubborn middle schooler refused to quit no matter what. However, before I left a few days later, he asked, "What name shall I use to quit?" Another person had a very bad problem with her leg. Two days after hearing the facts about Falun Gong, she told me that she would say "Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." whenever she had a chance. As a result, the latest physical treatment on her leg went very well. It was the best ever. One second grade student had a stomachache, and the very next day she heard grown-ups talking about the truth about Falun Gong. Her grandmother told her to say "Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." She said that she was doing it. She was sent to the hospital to get a saline infusion. However, she was cured very quickly. There were several other similar cases. Some of them even learned the exercises with me.

One mysterious thing happened when I was at a relative's home. He was elderly and had four children. Because of some conflicts they had before, they seldom visited each other. However, it just happened that the day I visited them, everybody was home. They were also amazed and said that it was because of the karmic relationship. When I told them to quit the CCP and its associated organizations, they all agreed. It was not difficult at all for any of them to decide to quit. Many people who have karmic relationships with us are waiting for us to save them. As long as we do so, Teacher will arrange everything well for us.

I would like to bring fellow practitioners' attention to some small mistakes that we have made. One of my relatives found a packet with DVDs in it by the door. The packet included the DVD of the 2006 Chinese New Year Gala, several truth-clarification DVDs, and software to help break through the CCP's Internet blockade. Whoever left the packet there had given very good thought to what to put in it. One of the DVDs consisted of two discs, A and B. However, due to a careless mistake, two copies of B were in the packet and A was missing. Obviously, the result was not ideal. I hope that in the future, we are all very careful in carrying out truth-clarification tasks.

In the days before I left, it suddenly occurred that I was not urinating blood anymore. This was another experience I could use in in truth-clarification. Everyone who heard it was amazed. One college student who stayed with me the longest during this trip said, "I think that you have saved many people this time. Moreover, you have gone up a level." Before that, she had never heard the truth about Falun Gong. She had a very good understanding of the Fa. Nodding my head, I agreed with her.

Yes, recently, I have spent almost all my time and energy on doing the three things. Before, I had been busy with my job and chores. If we keep our thoughts and behaviors righteous, the evil forces won't touch us with anything.

During this trip, I helped over 40 people to quit the CCP and its associated organizations. In addition, I also helped those who had quit to learn more about Dafa. I believe that they will tell their families the facts. There was one regret. In two different cities, some of my relatives knew some local practitioners. I had planned to go meet them. However, because of my tight schedule, I did not have the chance. My moderate income allowed me to leave some money for the practitioners to make some truth-clarification materials, so I left some money with my relatives to forward to the practitioners. Some ordinary people who had learned the truth about Falun Gong also gave me some money to make truth-clarification materials.

This trip also left me with some thoughts:

1. Telling people worldwide the truth about Falun Gong has helped many people to learn about Falun Gong, even a little. Some have learned the truth about Falun Gong from relatives and friends, some from the DVDs they received, and some from phone conversations with overseas practitioners. However, I have not met anyone who has quit by themselves simply by reading the materials or watching the DVDs. It may be because they do not want to go to the trouble or they do not have full trust in what they read and see. Some people might have been afraid. People have quit because practitioners helped them to. Because of this, the expectations for us practitioners in China to do better are great. At present, as a result of the long-term efforts and our persevering in truth clarification and sending forth righteous thoughts, it is much easier for people to quit if we tell them in person. Therefore, we should do more.

2. Those who work in governmental departments (especially the government officials) are the ones who are polluted the most. In addition, because they benefit directly from the government, they naturally resist believing in the truth about Falun Gong. I also came across a relative who was like this. Even after tacitly agreeing to quit the CCP, she told me not to let anybody know, especially her child. She also told me that a few days ago, some peasants besieged the township building over financial issues. Some people spread rumors that Falun Gong practitioners were involved, and the practitioners also distributed flyers. I told her that Falun Gong did not have any interest in political gains and that what she heard was either a rumor or someone just made it up. She did not respond to my comment, but she still told me not to tell her child about it.

3. A large number of children are deceived. All of the schools in China have polluted the children with slander against Falun Gong. Children are taught to trust what their teachers tell them. Even if their parents know the truth, they do not want to tell their children for fear that the children might tell just anybody. Hence, none of the children I met knew the truth about Falun Gong. Because they are still so pure, it won't be very difficult if you are patient. Children and the young should be our main targets.

4. Being practitioners, our personal behavior can have a huge impact on sentient beings. Many people in my hometown knew that I was previously very ill and dependent on medicines. The improvement in my health has been very convincing to ordinary people. Besides that, I have a good job and a happy family. My being compassionate all the time has led people to always trust me and they know that I will not lie to them, regardless of what I tell them about. I honestly told them the reason I went back was for their benefit. They were all grateful and willing to accept what I told them. One day when I told people the truth about Falun Gong, one person suddenly said, "I realized that you are in danger. What if someone reported you to the police? Of course I won't do anything like that." I said, "Everybody has a compassionate side. Once he or she understands the truth, he/she will not do anything like that. Besides, I have been very careful so that I can prevent that kind of thing from happening." Hearing this, she did not reply. I believe that she was amazed. I also heard some cases that were damaging to Falun Gong. Some were slanders and misunderstandings, while the others were due to practitioners' own mistakes which caused some misunderstanding. We must clarify the truth with wisdom and reason.

Due to my limited understanding, please kindly point out anything inappropriate.