(Clearwisdom.net) Hui Hui is a nine-year-old Falun Gong practitioner. She recounted what she had seen with her Celestial Vision in her dreams and when she sent forth righteous thoughts. A fellow practitioner put Hui Hui's stories on paper in the hope that they will encourage practitioners who pay scant attention to sending forth righteous thoughts.

1. Sailing a Fa Ship in Another World

Hui Hui told her father when she was doing homework, "Last night I dreamed of Teacher taking me on a trip. Teacher sailed a large ship towards me. I saw Teacher in a golden robe doing a Big Lotus hand sign. Teacher took me to the large ship, which was very beautiful and sailed smoothly. Words cannot describe the ship. Within a few seconds, the ship had sailed to another world."

"There were many Buddhas, Taos and Gods sitting on different platforms doing different hand signs. Some of them were in the Jie yin position and others were doing one of the hand signs of the fifth exercise. All of them looked very solemn. Some Bodhisattvas were doing Big Lotus hand signs. Some of them were holding a vase while others were in the he shi position. Some Buddhas sitting on the lotus platform were emitting golden rays of light. Some Bodhisattvas were standing on pink lotus platforms, emitting white light. Teacher was sitting on a colorful lotus platform. I sat on a golden platform watching Teacher."

While Hui Hui was telling the story excitedly, she asked her mother, "I keep hearing a voice in my ear, 'Wander about' (Yun You in Chinese). What is going on?" Her father told her, "Everyday people travel, but cultivators wander about. Teacher must be giving you a hint." (Hui Hui said Teacher took her on a trip.) Teacher is watching over us at all times. Even when a practitioner uses a wrong expression, Teacher will correct her.

2. Eliminating Demons with Powerful Righteous Thoughts

(The following sharing is written in Hui Hui's own words.)

Part 1:

One day I became absent-minded when I was sending forth righteous thoughts. I forgot to say "mie." Teacher reminded me somehow and I immediately remembered to say "mie." Teacher signaled me to look up and I saw a demon hovering above my head, held in Teacher's giant hand. Instantly the demon melted.

One day I was a little sleepy while sending forth righteous thoughts. A demon noticed it and started to interfere. I felt the demon attempting to harm me from behind. Next I saw Teacher's giant hand grabbing the demon. Meanwhile, Teacher said, "Who dares to harm my disciple?" Instantly the demon trembled in fear and lay still on the ground. It raised its trembling arms in surrender while kicking its legs helplessly. The next second it melted in Teacher's hand.

One day I kept my eyes open while sending forth righteous thoughts. I saw an extremely ugly head demon. I thought, "This time I will not let it escape. This time I must eradicate the demon." I grabbed the demon quickly, turned my hand into a giant hand and melted it into a puddle of dark water.

If a practitioners' right hand falls down while sending forth righteous thoughts, I see with my Celestial Eye that it is because demons are stepping on our right hands. When they made our right hand limp, they will do the victory sign with their hands in glee. If we slouch when sending forth righteous thoughts, I see in my Celestial Vision that it is demons pushing and pulling our upper body forward. If we fail to open up our palms when doing the Big Lotus hand sign when sending forth righteous thoughts, I see in my Celestial Vision that it is because there is an atrocious-looking little demon on our fingers and a large demon on our thumbs and baby fingers. These demons keep smashing practitioners' fingers with large rocks and cause them to bleed profusely.

Part 2:

When we have sufficient righteous thoughts when sending forth righteous thoughts, I see colorful, golden energy balls flowing from our hands. The energy balls fall on a colored round plate that sits on our legs. When the plate is filled with energy balls, it starts to rotate around our body. Then another plate will come to collect new energy balls and start rotating around our body after it is filled with energy balls again. Some practitioners' hands generate enough energy balls to fill up five to six plates and they continue to generate countless energy balls.

However, when practitioners lack righteous thoughts, their hands will generate only a handful or half a handful of energy balls. Some generate only one to two energy balls while some do not generate any. When a practitioner sends forth righteous thoughts, there is a corresponding Buddha, Tao or God in another dimension sending forth righteous thoughts. The amount of energy balls generated from a practitioner is equal to that of the corresponding Buddha, Tao or God in another dimension. When a practitioner fails to open up his or her palms or when his or her hands become limp, the energy balls will be squeezed out of the hands and disappear or they will drop down and disappear.

Part 3:

When a practitioner becomes sleepy, I see lazy bugs of various sizes taking big bites from the practitioner's golden body in another dimension. Some practitioners bleed profusely and some practitioners' flesh is chewed off. When the lazy bugs attack, the practitioners feel lower back pain in the human realm. But when a practitioner has sufficient righteous thoughts, the evil will not dare to enter our dimension or they will be melted and eradicated in our field of righteous thoughts instantly.

Part 4:

One day I was sending forth righteous thoughts when I saw a giant demon flanked by two smaller demons above a building of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. Next, two giant hands and a giant sword appeared in the sky. One giant hand grabbed the small demon on the left and the other hand grabbed the small demon on the right. The giant sword between the giant hands split the giant demon and the building in halves. The demons were almost completely eliminated. The building and the giant demon turned into many gold nuggets. But I knew the demons were not completely destroyed. I sent forth powerful righteous thoughts again to turn those gold nuggets into dark water. The two giant hands folded and turned into a pink lotus flower radiating golden light, and the giant sword turned into a golden Zhuan Falun rotating inside the lotus flower. I knew Teacher was reinforcing my righteous thoughts.

Part 5:

One day I was sending forth righteous thoughts when I saw a yellow umbrella radiating golden light. I thought, "I will accept the umbrella if it comes from Teacher. Otherwise, I don't want it." The umbrella turned into a shabby and broken black and white umbrella. I knew it must be the demon's work, so I tried to catch up with it and destroy it. However, I failed to gain on it due to my lack of righteous thoughts. I saw the broken umbrella running into a demon's house and shut the door.

I knew I missed an opportunity to destroy the demon because I didn't have strong righteous thoughts. I turned my head to see many demons behind me. Then I saw a giant golden umbrella emitting gold light descend from the sky. Again I thought, "I will accept the umbrella if it comes from Teacher. Otherwise, I don't want it." But it remained a golden umbrella. I thought, "This must be a Fa tool from Teacher." Then I opened up the golden umbrella, which sucked all the demons into it. I closed the umbrella and felt it was fully loaded. I raised the umbrella over my head and shook it a few times. It became light again. I thought the demons must have been destroyed. I opened the umbrella and saw that the demons had indeed melted into dark water.

I felt remorse after I finished sending forth righteous thoughts. Because I paid scant attention when I sent forth righteous thoughts, Teacher had to do extra work for me. From now on I will be very serious when I send righteous thoughts to eliminate more demons so as not to let Teacher down.