Our office is divided into several areas with separators, and each area became relatively independent individual spaces. This way, people from different divisions can work in different spaces. This is the model of a concentrated office that is popular in current companies. This environment also creates convenience for truth-clarification. Clarifying the truth to one person with a little louder voice can cause all of the other officemates to hear it, thus the message naturally spreads. But there are some challenges. For instance, for a sensitive topic like the "three withdrawals" from the Party and related organizations, which requires people to declare their stance, if one person objects and is heard by other people, then it will be difficult to continue persuading other people to withdraw.

Due to my job change, I was going to leave that office. Thinking that there had not been much progress in the "three withdrawals" here, I felt very anxious in my heart. I suddenly realized that I could consider using a different way to persuade people to make the "three withdrawals" in the office.

I started to prepare for it. I prepared the truth-clarifying material by printing "Epoch Times' solemn statement" on the front side of a A4 sized sheet of paper, and on its back side, the picture and description of the Stone with Hidden Characters in Guizhou Province (a mysterious rock formation split, revealing hidden characters that read "Communist Party Dies"), as well as explanations about why Communist Youth League members whose formal membership expired due to their age should also declare their withdrawals. I printed some copies of it. I also made an electronic document with information about the "three withdrawals" for people who want to declare their withdrawals. The document includes the website for withdrawing from the communist party, and a blank form with rows for the names (alias or nickname) of people who want to declare withdrawals, the declaration time, the organizations (Communist Party, Youth League, and Young Pioneer Group) to withdraw from, and the inquiring password for making a declaration. I stored the document in my computer for future use. I was also prepared to make up names for each of my officemates in declaring the "three withdrawals."

On the next day, during the office's usual break time, I approached the first colleague, a young man from Shangdong Province who just graduated less than one year ago. We started to chat about some content from the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party. The topic naturally came to the "three withdrawals." I asked him if he knew about the "three withdrawals." I told him that the Epoch Times had published "Epoch Times' solemn statement": This evil party has committed horrible crimes in history, and heaven will definitely eliminate this vicious demon. Those who remain members of the Chinese Communist Party, Youth League and Young Pioneer Group face the danger of being eliminated with it. People can publish their "three withdrawals" statements on Epoch Times' website, have their marks by the evil specter erased, and secure their safety."

While speaking with him, I handed him the truth clarifying material with "Epoch Time's solemn statement." While he was reading carefully, I told him that the counted number of "three withdrawals" had reached ten million, and the "three withdrawals" was already a big trend in China. Aimed at his thought of "I no longer participate Youth League's activities, and I can be counted as having withdrawn from Youth League automatically," I had him read the explanation in the truth-clarifying material and told him why it was necessary for him to declare the "three withdrawals." He was still hesitant, so I told him that with the consideration of people in mainland China who fear being persecuted, people can use their nickname or alias to declare their "three withdrawals" on Epoch Times' website. At the same time, I told him that I could visit the Epoch Times' website by using special software to get through the Internet blockade. I could declare the withdrawal for him, and I suggested that he use his English name plus his Chinese surname as his name to declare the "three withdrawals."

As soon as he agreed, I returned to my seat, got on the Epoch Times' website for withdrawals from the Communist Party, and published the announcement of withdrawing from the Youth League and Young Pioneers for him. I also filled in the content of his three withdrawals statement on an electronic version of the three withdrawals that I had prepared in advance. I printed it out, gave it to him, and asked him to keep it in a safe place. I also told him about the dynamic website to access more blocked information and told him to check it.

When I heard him sincerely saying "thank you," I was also a bit moved. A man, instilled with Chinese Communist Party culture since his birth and lost in this ordinary people's dimension for many years, made the most important and most correct choice in his life within a short time of around ten minutes. What's included here were factors from this life's knowing side, his faith that the Fa rectification will definitely succeed, and his determination to come down to this world with a heavenly brave heart, and Master's heart of looking after sentient beings. These factors that are unseen among ordinary people.

I then came to my next colleague. He told me that he often got emails with Dafa truth-clarifying material, and he had also read the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party a couple of times. He thought what was talked about in the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party was right, and he asked to withdraw from the Youth League and Young Pioneers. At this time, a colleague beside us interrupted us, and asked to just withdraw from Young Pioneers since he never went beyond that. A manager then piped in and said, "It looks like that at the very least the three withdrawals doesn't cause any loss, and it might bring some benefit too. Let me also withdraw." Influenced by this manager, several other colleagues also withdrew.

At this time, one colleague came back from outside and asked, "What exciting things are happening here?" With some materials in my hands I approached him and said, "We are talking about the "three withdrawals," and people here all have already declared their "three withdrawals." You also seem to be a member of the Youth League, let me also declare a withdrawal for you." He said casually, "OK." Then he added, "Why should I withdraw?" I handed him the truth-clarifying materials and told him that he could find out more about it by visiting the "three withdrawals" website through the dynamic network.

The next day, I found the colleague who had been away on vacation the day before, and told him about the "three withdrawals" and about what had happened in the office the day before. He said that he had heard about the "three withdrawals," but he did not know how to withdraw, and he wanted to do it. I copied a free software program to break through the Internet blockade for him, helped him to find the website for withdrawing from the Communist Party, and he finished the procedure to withdraw from the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. I also told him to remember his number for the "three withdrawals" and he could download the certificate of withdrawal from the Communist Party after fifteen minutes. He said happily that he would tell his wife and his relatives at his hometown, and that he would also do the "three withdrawals" for them.

Through this experience of persuading others about the "three withdrawals" in the office, I realized that when I had this thought and was carefully preparing for it, with Master's strengthening, my cultivated side had already started to clear the environment in the office and the evil factors from other dimensions. Because the dimensions were righteous, people would all have righteous thoughts and make the correct choice. People inspired each other, thus a small tide of "three withdrawals" in a local environment was formed.