(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Di is a nurse from Dehui City, Jilin Province. Several years of ruthless persecution has left her paralyzed, but she persevered in cultivation and was able to walk again. The following is her experience.

My name is Wang Di. I graduated in 1998 from the Medical Professional College in Changchun City and started to work in the Dehui City People's Hospital in 1999.

I started to practice Falun Dafa in college. At that time the nerve pain and stomach trouble that had bothered me for years disappeared. I began to understand the true meaning of life and lived a more fulfilled life. At work, I conducted myself in accordance with "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and tried to understand others better. When treated unfairly, I tried to be more tolerant and avoided bringing trouble to my managers. I felt sympathy for patients and their families and won their respect. Once, after I had worked in the hospital for a year, hospital head Chen Fangxin came to visit patients in the wards and asked them which nurse was their favorite. They told him it was Wang Di. During that period of time, I lived at the hospital dormitory and did my best to help those colleagues with children or those living far from the hospital.

Persecuted for practicing Falun Dafa

While attending school my English was very good. In 2001, a teacher in the Provincial Medical Foreign Project Exchange Center told me I might have an opportunity to work overseas. While I was preparing for the overseas working exam, I was arrested for my belief.

Someone reported me to the police on November 4, 2001. Participating in the arrest were officers from the Zhenxing Police Station in Dehui City. Later on I was held in the Dehui Jail. When I asked why I was arrested, an officer said, "We work for money. We get 500 yuan for arresting one of you practitioners. After sending you to the detention center, we are going to a restaurant for a good meal!"

Guards Ge Xuquan and Yuan Siqi in the Dehui Jail tortured me physically and mentally. I was beaten and fell to the floor several times. Ge held my hair and forcibly pulled me up. He twisted my arms behind my back to torture me and used his fingers to stab between my ribs. I was covered with bruises.

Three days later I was sent to the Dehui City Detention Center. I started a protest hunger strike because I had not committed any crimes. Prison guard Yang Yanqiu then incited the inmates to force-feed me. The prisoners essentially vented their anger on me. I was down on all fours while they held my head and used a plastic bottle to force-feed me. I almost choked to death. After I was on hunger strike for 11 days, my elderly father visited me. I told him that I was not wrong to cultivate "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," and the detention center authorities would be responsible if my life was endangered. A guard then sneered, "No one would care if you die," which was a telling sign of their disregard for human life.

I was released after 40 days of detention. In late December 2001, I went back to the hospital and asked to work again. I was shocked when hospital head Fan Changsheng said to me, "Go home. No more salary for you." I have been going from place to place since then.

Here I want to tell everyone, "It is not that Falun Gong practitioners do not care for their families or that they don't want to work. The persecution is to blame for taking away our basic human rights. Were it not for the persecution, I would be part of a medical team and working overseas right now. The authorities don't care whether what they do is right or wrong. People who don't yield to them will be made to lose everything, even one's life."

Severe fractures to my back and legs due to trying to escape from the 5th floor

In the fall of 2002, seven Dehui City Detention Center officials came to my home and tried to trick my family, telling them that they were going to help me to work in the hospital again. There were two security guards from the hospital and no medical staff in the car. Their abduction attempt failed because I was not home, but they didn't give up.

On April 9, 2004, Zhang Dehui followed me home and suddenly about 30 police officers surrounded me on the fifth floor of a building. Someone told me later that police officer Ge Xuquan and ten additional agents had come upstairs and tried to forcibly break into my apartment and ten more police officers had waited downstairs to assist. To avoid being persecuted again, I jumped from the fifth floor in an attempt to escape. When I regained consciousness I found myself in a hospital. I was unable to move my back and saw the broken bones sticking through the skin on my legs. Someone who had witnessed my fall told me later that when I landed on the ground, the police didn't take any precautions to preserve my life and safety. They dragged and pulled me to the car while I was unconscious, making the injuries worse. I was diagnosed with open compound fractures in both legs and a compressed fracture in my back.

The next day I was sent to the Changchun City Police Hospital. Police officers and doctors tried to force me into giving up my belief. Even though I was only able to move my arms and head, my hands were forcibly stretched out on both sides of my body and I was handcuffed to the bed. They told me it would help my medical treatment. I worked in the medical field and never knew of any textbooks or medical practice describing such a way to help heal someone.

Ten days later, police agents Gong Hongwei, Zhang Dehui and Ge Xuquan from the Politics and Security Section in the Dehui Police Department brought my parents to the hospital. They wanted to use my parents to force me to give up my belief. My parents were over 60 years old. When they saw their daughter in the hospital, skinny, with swollen legs, unable to move and unable to help herself, they were so sad that they couldn't sleep day and night after going back and became thinner and thinner.

Doctors from the Police Hospital and from the Changchun People's Hospital diagnosed me with permanent paralysis. In order to shirk responsibility for persecuting me, they sent me home 18 days later, while I was still extremely weak and just barely able to breathe. However, they still didn't give up harassing me. Fifteen days later after I had returned home, police officer Gong Hongwei arrived. While two other police officers held the door to prevent anyone from entering the room, Gong Hongwei questioned me.

My mother went to the police department to request the authorities to take responsibility for my condition. She also asked to be given my medical records. The police department personnel were rude and unreasonable. However, they even admitted to my mother that my medical records would be evidence of the persecution, which is why they refused to hand them over. They eventually expelled my mother by force from the police department.

Standing up again from paralysis through Dafa cultivation

When I studied in Changchun City, I had witnessed many Dafa miracles, such as an elderly woman practitioner growing new black hair, and a cancer patient gaining a new life after practicing. After my release, my firm belief in Master and Dafa helped me through life-and-death tests, such as my body being scalding hot, extreme pain and difficulty breathing. Two months later I was able to stand up again! Within three months I was able to walk again. Our mighty benevolent Master gave me a second life. My relatives, friends and neighbors witnessed the miracles that Falun Dafa manifested. Even Dehui City Police Department head Guo Guangtian heard the news. Once he asked a person from my hometown, "Is Wang Di truly able to stand up again?"

I hope those involved in the persecutions will wake up

In July 2006, I asked again to go back to work in the hospital. Several days later, however, I was instructed to sign a dismissal letter they had prepared. I sternly questioned them, and they couldn't answer me. Hospital head Zhang Wanhe said to me, "It is because you practice Falun Gong and obstinately stick to it!" Some officials eventually relented. Starting in September 2006 I got paid 260 yuan per month for basic living costs.

Perhaps the hospital authorities were under pressure to make such a decision, preventing me from coming back to work. This constitutes severe mental and financial persecution. I am not wrong to cultivate Falun Dafa and to be a good person, with a healthy body and high moral standards.

Here I want to thank all those who have helped me and felt sympathy for me in the past several years, including the hospital leaders, colleagues, relatives, friends, and the sisters who were taking care of me in the hospitals. Thank you, all of you! I wish you sincere happiness and prosperity!

I sincerely hope all those who are involved in the persecution will wake up soon. Do not let temporary luxuries blind you to the truth. Listen to the righteous words from the practitioners. Give up evildoing and follow kindness. Do not become scapegoats for the CCP's political movements. Choose a wonderful and bright future for yourselves.