My husband and I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. It has been over 10 years since we attained the Fa. The following are my Fa-Rectification experiences before 2006, under the mercy of our mighty Master's protection.

No matter where I go, it is all for saving sentient beings

In January 2002, my son asked me to come help him to take care of his daughter. So my husband and I went to my son's home, located in the capital of the province. I had the wish to save sentient beings no matter where I went. There might be some sentient beings that needed me to save them there.

After I got to my son's home, the first time I sent forth righteous thoughts there, I felt an unbearable pain as soon as I put my legs into the lotus position. I thought this must be an interference. Usually I could sit for 90 minutes when I practice meditation, but this time my legs became painful right after I put them into position. I kept my legs in this position to finish the 15 minutes of sending forth the righteous thoughts, and my whole body was sweating due to the pain. The second day, after I finished the global sending forth the righteous thoughts at 6 o'clock, I continued to finish 30 minutes of meditation. Then I sent forth the righteous thoughts for another 15 minutes--until 7 o'clock--and then another 30 minutes of meditation. I kept doing this for five days and I did not feel any leg pain as I had before. I saw that some strangely shaped evil beings and ghosts were disintegrated when I sent forth righteous thoughts. It was not accidental that I had come here. There were sentient beings that needed me to save them. However, I did not do it well.

In June, my daughter came to visit me. My grandson had just turned three and was very naughty. Every day when I started to send forth the righteous thoughts, he kept calling "Grandma" once he saw me sit down. If I did not answer him, he would sometimes push me or sometimes hold my hands and would not let me send forth righteous thoughts. Later on, I only used one hand to send forth the thought for five minutes. I was thinking, "Just be patient with the child for couple of days! He won't be here for long. It will be better after a couple of days." Then I had a dream. In it, I heard many voices calling for the frog. Where is the frog? I raised my head and saw that everywhere there were sunken places. There was only one road in front of me. I looked ahead and saw that a frog with two bulging eyes was walking step by step full of joy. It was not afraid of me, and it came towards me, because it could go nowhere else since the only way out was beside me. I recalled the scene in the dream after I woke up and realized that the frog in the dream was the biggest demon. I felt as if I had awakened from a dazed state. I had not cooperated well in sending forth righteous thoughts at the four global times and was taken advantage by the demon. It interfered with me by offering its affection, and I accepted it without any qualms and did not deal with it with my righteous thoughts. Master asks us to do the three things well and to save sentient beings. I did not do the three things well and I was too far from Master's requirement.

Strive forward together with fellow practitioners.

When I went out to clarify the truth in April 2004, I got in touch with a fellow practitioner. She had fallen down in her cultivation. She never gotten in touch with other practitioners after July 20, 1999; never send forth the righteous thoughts; never "clarified the truth;" and never read any of Master's new scriptures or the weekly news. I asked her if she was stilling cultivating. She said, "Yes." I told her that I would help her to catch up with all the new scriptures, and it was my responsibility to do it since I had met her. We made an appointment to see each other on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. When I was cooking that Tuesday morning, the handle of the pot was loose and all the contents poured onto my feet. My feet blistered right away. I enlightened that this was evil interference. It tried to hinder me from meeting this fellow practitioner. I strengthened my thought that nobody could hinder me and I would walk along the road arranged by Master. In the afternoon, I prepared Master's new scriptures. When I was putting on my shoes, it was very painful, but I was determined to go. After I arrived at the meeting place, I sat on the chair, thinking: "Let go of the pain!" At that moment, it was no longer painful, and my feet looked normal, only a little bit red and swollen. When the other practitioner came to see me, I told her what had happened. She said that she did not feel good about this. I said, "It's fine. It is interference, and we have to deal with it correctly." She replied, "I have seen that you have endured much pain for me, I should practice well." I said, "That's right. We should strive forward together and do the three things well as Master requires." I taught her the Fa Rectification verses and the gestures. Now this fellow practitioner is doing very well and does the things that practitioners should do.

Get rid of fear, talk about the three withdrawals

When I first started to distribute copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and talk about withdrawing, the people I spoke to were all my relatives and close friends. I also clarified the truth to everyone that came to my house to visit. I've always felt strange out in public. I think that I do not understand the situations and moods of strangers, so I do not feel safe when I clarify the truth to them. It is my selfish fear. When I recognized this attachment, I started to reject it and not acknowledge it. Sometimes I can resist it, but sometimes I cannot get rid of it completely. Here at the end of Master's Fa Rectification period, I must get rid of this mentality of fear throughly. I should also tell people about the "three withdrawals" (from the Chinese Communist Party, the Young Pioneers, and the Youth League) when I give them the Nine Commentaries.

In the past 10 years since I have attained the Fa, every single step that I have taken forward is a reminder of Master's mercy. I have put too much attention on letting Master take care of me. We need to remember Master's teaching every single moment and to continue to do the three things well according to Master's requirement. We need to save the sentient beings that should be saved, reach consummation, and return to the heavens with Master.

September 9, 2007