(Clearwisdom.net) It is nearing the Mid-Autumn Festival, and every family in Changsha City, Hunan Province, is busy ordering moon cakes and planning a dinner for their family gatherings. However, Xie Linli and his sister, who live in the Tianxin District of Changsha City, miss their parents a great deal, because their parents have again been unjustly imprisoned.

Over the past eight years, Xie Linli and his sister have not once been able to unite with their family for a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

On July 14, 2007, Fu Shengwen and Chen Qian led policemen from the National Security Team of the Tianxin Police Station in Changsha City to Xie Linli's parents' home and arrested Ms. Tan Xiangyu and Mr. Xie Wutang. They have been detained for two months. The only reason for their arrest is because they practice Falun Gong and clarify the truth about the practice.

The parents, Ms. Tan Xiangyu and Mr.Xie Wutang

On the morning of July 14, the police waited outside the parents' home, which is located in the employee family dormitory of the Railroad No. 12 Bureau. At 2:00 p.m., the police got someone to force open the elderly couple's door. Seven or eight police officers then broke into the home and took the couple away. The police came from the National Security Team of the Tianxin Police Department and from the Qingyuan Police Station. Afterwards, Ms. Tan was sent directly to the Hunan Province Women's Prison and Mr. Xie was taken to the Changsha City Detention Center. In 2004, Ms. Tan Xiangyu had been sentenced to three years' imprisonment, but was later released on bail to undergo medical treatment when her health deteriorated due to the brutal torture.

After Ms. Tan and Mr. Xie were taken away this time, the National Security Team illegally searched the elderly couple's home without any relatives present. The police stole their personal property, including a laptop worth about 10,000 yuan. All the cash in their home was also taken. Because the couple's relatives have not seen them yet, the exact amount of money stolen is unknown.

In late 2006, in order to arrest Ms. Tan Xiangyu, the police harassed her family members many times, which seriously interfered with their day-to-day lives. For example, Ms. Tan's younger sister, Ms. Tan Fengqing, was threatened that she would lose her job if she did not find out where Ms. Tan Xiangyu was. At that time, Ms. Tan Fengqing was a housekeeper for an Internet café. Since she was poor and worried about losing her job, she was forced to go everywhere to look for her older sister, even though she knew that her sister was a good person.

This older couple, who are in their sixties, are in a very bad environment, and their children are greatly worried about their health. Over the past two months, Xie Linli and his younger sister have gone back and forth between the prison, the detention center, and the Tianxin Police Department. They have wanted to visit their parents, but their requests were rejected under all kinds of pretexts. The Changsha City Detention Center said they could not visit Mr. Xie until the sentence statement was passed down. The prison said that it was the strict monitoring period and no visits were permitted. Xie Linli and his sister called the two places and inquired as to their parents' health. The answers were almost the same, "This is not their first time here. You should know what it is like here.." Previously, the women's prison allowed them to send clothes. Now they do not allow Ms. Tan's family members to send her clothes or money, with the exception of underwear.

Since 1999, Ms. Tan Xiangyu and Mr. Xie Wutang have been forced to live a homeless life in order to avoid being arrested at home, because they persist in their beliefs, and expose to the CCP's slanderous propaganda and lies about Falun Gong. They have been arrested several times, and they were once close to death itself due to the severe persecution.

Tianxin Police Department in Changsha City:
Chen Qian, officer-in-charge in the National Security Team of the Tianxin Police Department: 86-13755103237 (Cell)
Changsha City Detention Center: 86-731-4074800
Zhao Lan, deputy warden of the Hunan Province Women's Prison: 86-731-2323007 (Office), 86-731-2323878 (Home), 86-13308498728 (Cell)

Fifth Division of the Prison (Education and "Transformation" Team): 86-731-2323040
Xiao Ping, head of the Fifth Division
Li Chunhui, deputy head of the Fifth Division (very wicked): 86-13637311116 (Cell)
Xue Fang, instructor: 86-13787788566 (Cell)
Second Education and "Transformation" Team, which is specifically for detaining practitioners who have NOT been "transformed:" Luo Jian, Li Jun
First Education and Transformation Team, which is specifically for detaining practitioners who HAVE been "transformed:" Zhou Chan, 86-731-6892583 (Cell)