(Clearwisdom.net) In 2007, weddings in my city have been very frequent. I have attended one or two weddings almost every month. Weddings create a good opportunity to clarify the truth and promote quitting the CCP. At almost every wedding I attend, dozens of people agree to quit the CCP, and about half of the guests realize that they had been deceived about Falun Dafa. Many become understanding and supportive of Dafa, and some even start to practice Falun Dafa.

A few days ago, a fellow practitioner's daughter got married. An 80 year-old practitioner, I, and some other fellow practitioners attended the wedding. The elderly practitioner said we need to follow Master's lecture in Washington, D.C.

"What is most important for you and most significant right now is to save people" ("Fa Teaching at the US Capital").

He kept clarifying the truth from table to table and person to person such that he did not have time to eat or drink himself. In a few hours he helped dozens of people, many of whom are government employees, quit the CCP. Everyone who heard the truth gained a better understanding of Dafa. During the wedding, Dafa disciples' righteous field purified the environment; no one made too much noise or said bad words. The scene was very harmonious. This was a phenomenon we had never seen before. After hearing our truth-clarification at the wedding, many of the guests changed for the better.

I recall Master's lecture in Washington, D.C.

"When you are reaching out to people, that is when you are saving them. When people give support after becoming clear on the truth, thanks to your clarifying the facts, that is saving people; and the positive results they produce after they come to realize the truth is for saving people. In other words, after ordinary people manage to comprehend things and are able to offer support, the impact of that support can itself save people. You can take it a step further and say that when we do things, whether successful or not, those things are saving people all the same and clarifying the facts" ("Fa Teaching at the US Capital").

Like Master said, when we have Dafa in our hearts, when we think of saving sentient beings, our actions, righteous thoughts, and benevolent field are indeed saving sentient beings. Our thoughts are crucial. We should treat ourselves as cultivators every minute, and we should not be moved by ordinary attachments. We came here to save sentient beings; all other things are just props.

After the wedding, the elderly practitioner said to me "In the past, no matter what I said, people would not listen to me, but this time it all went so smoothly! People accepted my words immediately." I replied that when our xinxing reaches the standard, and when we cooperate as one body, Master's law body can do anything to support us. Master is the one actually saving people. We did not clarify the truth well before, but today's success built on top of previous efforts. The process of saving sentient beings is our cultivation process.

I wish all practitioners in China grasp every precious opportunity to save sentient beings and promote quitting the CCP. Deep inside, people are looking forward to being saved by Dafa. We are demanding the evil to stop the persecution immediately. This task is urgent and significant. Saving people is our mission.