(Clearwisdom.net) Even though I am still a new Dafa disciple, I have deeply experienced the miraculous power of Dafa and the great compassion of Master.

I am 54 years old and I have had problems with my legs ever since childhood. My legs have always been disabled, but I was still able to work and walk. However, because of losing my job in 1990, I always had a lot of excess work and mental pressure. I became sick and lay in bed all day. My physical condition got worse and worse, and I could not even take off my clothes by myself without being in pain. I wept every day and did not know when the end would come.

At this time, my neighbor sent a copy of Zhuan Falun over to me and asked me to read it. I read the book while sitting on my bed every day. Sometimes, if I became sleepy I would rest a little and then continue. I insisted on reading every day. After many weeks I could get up and walk with a cane. I was very happy and full of appreciation for Master.

My neighbor who is a Dafa disciple came to teach me the Falun Dafa exercises. At the beginning I could not stand on my own and I depended on the cane. Once, I went to his home, he said to me, "Do not depend on that cane any longer." I said, "I cannot stand without it." He said, "Throw away the cane, and Master will protect you because you sincerely want to study the Fa." I was uncertain, but I put away the walking cane and learned the exercises. What is amazing is that I really could stand up and do the exercises. I was very excited, and said in my heart, "Great Master, I will firmly learn Dafa, follow you and walk the path of cultivation." Since then I study the Fa and cultivate every day. Although I still needed a cane while walking, I did not need it when I did the exercises. After I cultivated for four months, more supernormal things happened. I threw away the cane completely and I could even ride a bicycle again. I was so excited. I understand the greatness of Master and the power of Dafa even deeper.

My husband saw the changes in me and was very shocked. Previously, he was deceived by the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP )and had a negative view of Dafa. Now he completely changed when presented with the facts. Not only does he have a new understanding of Dafa, but he also believes in it firmly. He has now become a Dafa cultivator.

Previously, my husband practiced another kind of Qigong for dozens of years. However, his health was poor and he had various diseases such as rheumatism, kidney disease and heart illness. At the end of 2006 he had a serious heart attack, and taking drugs and injections did not help. I persuaded him to practice Dafa, and he started to learn the exercises from Master's video. He persisted in practicing the exercises and studying the Fa. After two months of cultivation, he recovered and his strength came back. After half a year, his diseases were all gone.

We are very appreciative of Dafa. Without Dafa we would not be here today. I sincerely advise the people in delusion to wake up right away! Only if you cultivate Falun Dafa can you break away the abyss of misery of the human world.