(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of September 4, 2007, a plainclothes police officer broke into an apartment rented by a Falun Gong practitioner couple near the Fengxiang Middle School in the Quan'gang District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. The practitioners locked the police officer in the apartment, treating him as a thief who had illegally broken into their residence.

Subsequently, many armed police officers surrounded the building with guns in their hands. They lied, saying that a city authority went to the practitioner's house as a guest and was taken as a hostage and threatened with a knife. The police wanted to break down the door and enter the apartment. The two practitioners clarified the truth to the people passing by while they were sending forth righteous thoughts. Under the pressure of the practitioners' powerful righteous thoughts, the police finally admitted their intention to break in. They located the couple's parents along with the authorities from their work units, to persuade them to release the policeman. The police officers outside said, "Please release him, as if you're handing in a thief to police!" The plainclothes policeman in the apartment sat in a chair listening quietly to the practitioners clarifying the truth. Finally, he also asked the couple to release him, as if he was a thief. At about 5:00 p.m., the couple requested that all the police officers retreat from the building before they released the plainclothes policeman. After the event, the practitioners went to the police station to ask for an explanation, but the police did not give them an answer. However, the security personnel in their work units claimed that the police could arrest them for threatening a police officer.

Police often mistreat Falun Dafa practitioners with similar tactics, including breaking into their homes to look for "evidence," and then secretly arresting and sentencing them. There have been such cases in this region.

Director of the Police Department of Quanzhou City, Zhang Dongming (male): 86-595-22180601 (Office)
Director of the City Comprehensive Management, Wang Yuqi (male): 86-595-223370658 (Office), 86-13960377789 (Cell), 86-595-22551969 (Home)
Director of the City 610 Office, Wang Shuqi (male): 86-595-22391978 (Office), 86-13805922168 (Cell), 86-595-22193068 (Home)
Deputy Director of the City 610 Office, Chen Jiaxiang (male): 86-595-22281978 (Office), 86-13905087608 (Cell)