(Clearwisdom.net) It has been many years since I started cultivating in Dafa, however I could never do well when it came to looking within to find the source of a problem. Recently I just realized how important it is to look inside myself and to keep every thought righteous during this period, when the Fa Rectification has progressed to the present stage.

My daughter is seven years old. She began serious Fa study just over six months ago, and now she can read Zhuan Falun on her own. When she played too many computer games I pointed out her attachment. I also told her that it seemed that when her father didn't play very much, she didn't play so much either. She told me that I should not complain about her father. This was her own attachment because she followed her father when he played. As soon as she said that, I realized my own problem--that is, looking at other's faults when a problem arises. This pure child is doing well, looking into herself. We are fellow practitioners, comparing in Fa-study and cultivation, and cultivating diligently together.

The following is an incident that took place between another practitioner couple. The couple had conflicts and disagreements about financial matters. When I saw this, I advised them that financial things are everyday people's things. It is not important how the problem is resolved, but as practitioners our hearts should remain unmoved. I thought I was talking clearly and logically. The couple's problem was eventually solved, probably as a result of their good Fa study. Initially I only saw their problem, but did not think of looking into myself. One day my husband and I were arguing about buying things. Then I suddenly realized that I had the same attachment as did that couple. I had this attachment for a long time, but it was not very obvious. When I had discovered this deeply hidden attachment I felt improvement in my level.

I always see myself as not having a strong desire about the things between a husband and wife. This is not an issue in my cultivation. I only need to reject some thoughts that pop up in my mind. However, recently when my desire appeared in my mind, my husband also had a strong desire. Afterwards, I always thought that I could still control myself, and that I had not done anything wrong. Not long after that, I experienced a painful skin condition. I could not even touch it. My first thought was still that this was not my problem. This condition lasted a few days, until through Fa study I suddenly understood how important it is to make every single thought righteous. Previously I simply tried to reject unrighteous thoughts when they emerged. However, now if one thought is not righteous enough, the evil will take advantage right away. I asked my husband if he felt that his desire was very strong. His answer surprised me. He said he was not sure, but he felt his mind was confused at that time. At this point I understood that whenever a problem occurs, the first thing to do is to look into oneself. If this is not done, the evil can easily take advantage.

Master mentioned the demon of lust in Zhuan Falun,

"Then if you're a practitioner, a higher person, you can't use this logic to evaluate things, and you need to break out of this stuff. So there are a lot of attachments that are derived from emotion, and we have to really care less about them, and at some point finally let go of them all. That desire and lust stuff are all just human attachments, and we should get rid of all of them." (The Sixth Talk in Zhuan Falun, 2003 translation version)

When I had previously read this sentence I only noticed, "to really care less about them." Recently the words "finally let go of them all" came into my mind. It looks like I have to improve at this point. I read the brochure "Cultivating our hearts and letting go of human desires" again. As I read it again, I understood much more than the first time I read it. Actually, many practitioners have already realized what I am writing today. However, the reason for my sadness and my difficulties in improving myself, arise from the awareness that I did not follow Master's words!

Just as Master said, even a third person has to look into himself when he sees two others arguing with each other, because he does not see it by chance. If we as practitioners can look within at all times, I believe we will raise our levels faster.

My understanding is limited. Please point out anything inappropriate.