(Clearwisdom.net) On September 14, two Falun Gong practitioners from Japan filed a lawsuit in Osaka against Jia Qinglin, the Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and member of the Central Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, for genocide, torture and slander. On September 15, Falun Gong practitioners held a rally and march in Kobe to support the lawsuit.

Hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners from Japan march in Kobe to support the lawsuit against Jia Qinglin.

At 1:00 in the afternoon, practitioners held a rally in a park close to the city government of Kobe. A former congressman from Hyogo Prefecture, the chairman of the Association of Citizens' Speech in Osaka, the plaintiffs of the lawsuit and the representative from the Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice attended the rally and gave speeches.

Former congressman of Hyogo Prefecture is giving a speech.

The former congressman of Hyogo Prefecture expressed in his speech that Japanese society focuses on doing business with the Chinese, but doesn't know about the persecution. He pointed out that Japanese people should help to stop the persecution. He called upon Japan to pay more attention to the human right issues.

The chairman of the Association of Citizens' Speech in Osaka is giving a speech.

The chairman of the Association of Citizens' Speech in Osaka said that he is firmly against the persecution of Falun Gong, because Falun Gong helps people to improve their bodies and minds. After the rally, in spite of the rain, this 70-year-old gentleman walked with Falun Gong practitioners for three hours. He expressed that Falun Gong practitioners' spirits are very moving, which encouraged him to finish the parade.

Marching in the rain

The march

Falun Gong practitioners hold a three-hour-long march in Kobe.

Marching through the business area in Kobe.

After the rally, it rained for twenty minutes and the rain lowered the hot temperature.

The activity had four themes: Oppose the persecution and support the Lawsuit against Jia Qinglin; Waist Drums shock the evil; Falun Dafa is good; and heaven will eliminate the Chinese Communist Party. The parade went through the major streets in Kobe and attracted many people.

On the morning of the 15th, Jia Qinglin had attended the opening of the 9th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in Kobe. A lot of Chinese attendees of the convention saw the march.

On the 14th, practitioners marched in Osaka to support the lawsuit.