(Clearwisdom.net) The Public Security Bureau in Xintai City arrested practitioner Ms. Ying Peikun again on September 1. She had been detained in a forced labor camp for two years until released at the beginning of this year. The day after her arrest, another practitioner, Zhu Minglin, from the same village was arrested as well.

Ms. Ying is in her 60s and comes from Longshan Village, Qingyun, Xintai City. She was arrested when she was clarifying the facts at the end of 2004 and was sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp. (The Clearwisdom website reported her arrest both on January 12, 2005, and March 21, 2005). She was illegally detained in the Women's Drug Rehabilitation Center in Jinan City, Shandong Province.

Ms. Ying was very determined in her belief and refused to give up her practice while in detention. She stopped the police from slandering Teacher and Dafa but was severely tortured as a result. They forbid her from speaking or clarifying the facts. If she spoke, they would pull her hair and pinch her mouth and cheek. Her upper teeth were pulled out, leaving her with only four teeth. They sealed her mouth and bound her arms, hands, and legs with tape. They pulled out several clumps of her hair. Ying refused to wear the prison clothes. The police instigated the other inmates to tear her top into pieces, exposing her upper body. Then the police videotaped her half naked and falsely accused her, saying, "She is shameless and mentally ill from practicing Falun Gong."

On the third day of the 2006 Chinese New Year, Ms. Ying was put into confinement and forced to sit on a small stool for many days and nights. Once, when she refused to do what the police and inmates demanded, they refused to let her go to the toilet. During the summer months while she was confined, she was soaked with sweat due to the intense heat. There were wet footprints wherever she walked. She was given two meals a day. For each meal, she was given one small bun and a small portion of preserved vegetables. She was constantly hungry and felt dizzy as a result. At home, she did all the hard labor because her husband and son were mentally ill. She was tall and ate a lot. In 2006, she spent almost half a year inside where she was confined. When she was released at the beginning of this year, she was very skinny and looked like a bag of bones. Her home was a mess and the land was covered with weeds.

Ms. Ying's son is in his 20s. He has a mental disorder and is afraid of meeting people. After his mother's arrest and detainment in the forced labor camp, her son's illness became more severe. Sometimes he talked nonsense. One day he went to the police station and reported his mother to the police. According to witnesses, the police took away one CD player and some truth-clarifying CDs. They didn't know whether the police took away anything else.

The police also went to the home of a practitioner Ms. Zhu Xiulin, in her 40s, in the same village but could not find her. The police did not take any action.

On September 2, the police from the Xintai City Public Security Bureau went to Ms. Zhu Xiulin's home again. They didn't find her and went to the home of her sister, Zhu Minglin, a practitioner in her 60s. They searched her house and found a 2007 Chinese New Year Spectacular CD. The police arrested Zhu Xiulin, who was forced to leave home and became destitute.

Before they started to practice Falun Gong in 2003, Zhu Minglin and Zhu Xiulin both suffered from severe asthma and had to take medication all year long. Their health greatly improved after they practiced Falun Gong. The younger sister, Zhu Xiulin, didn't take any medication for two years. Their relatives and friends witnessed the miracle of Falun Dafa. Inside sources revealed that the police from the Xintai City Public Security Bureau recently went to Zhu Xiulin's home to harass them almost on a daily basis. They deceived the family by saying that they were only coming to talk with her. During the early morning hours on September 5, over ten police officers surrounded Zhu Xiulin's house and broke in. Her non-practitioner husband was scared to death. The police ransacked the house and tried to force her husband to look for her. They wrote down the telephone number of her home in an attempt to persecute her further.

It is still unknown where Ying Peikun and Zhu Minglin are detained.

The Political and Legal Committee of Xintai City:
Liu Yu, Party Secretary of Municipal Committee and the Political and Legal Committee of Xintai City: 86-538-7264687 (Office), 86-13605387266 (Cell)Xue Baoliang, Deputy Secretary (former Director of 610 Office): 86-538-7212743 (Office), 86-538-7230218 (Home), 86-13505481578 (Cell)
Feng Chuanli, Director of 610 Office: 86-538-7237654 (Office), 86-1595-4768679 (Cell)

Public Security Bureau of Xintai City:

Yang Zhaohui, Director: 86-538-7103001 (Office), 86-538-8275796 (Home), 86-13561767867 (Cell)
Liu Zhongmin, Political Commissar: 86-538-7103002 (Office), 86-538-7103299 (Home), 86-13905387006 (Cell)
Ma Yan, Leader of the National Security Division: 86-538-7103062 (Office), 86-5387103259 (Home), 86-13605381212 (Cell)
Zhang Tao, Political Commissar of the National Security Divison: 86-538-7103060 (Office), 86-538-7078001 (Home), 86-13805387285 (Cell)
Li Ping, Director of the Custodial Station: 86-538-7261767 (Office), 86-13954891969 (Cell)
He Fayu, Director of the Detention Center: 86-538-7076322 (Office), 86-538-7079067 (Home), 86-13563832278 (Cell)