(Clearwisdom.net) As Fa-rectification moves forward, Falun Dafa practitioners are gradually maturing. We follow Master's instructions to do the three things well. We solidly cultivate ourselves and save sentient beings. During my cultivation and validating the Fa, I have come to deeply understand that Dafa disciples are one body.

As a coordinator, I coordinate labor, materials, and funding for our truth-clarification materials center. Without money, the materials center would stop running. We have limited income in my family; we can hardly make ends meet. I pawned my jewelry and donated the money to the materials center. In our area, one fellow practitioner doesn't have any income. Still, she contributes over 100 yuan every month to making truth-clarification materials. Another fellow practitioner leads a very simple life: She seldom buys new clothes, and she only eats cheap food. However, she has donated about seven or eight thousand yuan to the materials center. I felt uneasy and worried for these practitioners when they donated money, but they said they could get by. I was deeply moved.

The fellow practitioners that I know in our area have all been illegally detained. They all persevered with strong righteous thoughts and came out with dignity. They did not succumb to the evil. Two of them worked at a materials center. The local 610 Office illegally searched their home and confiscated their copy machine. The loss was huge. You would be wrong to assume that these two practitioners were illegally sentenced to a prison or a forced labor camp. They and other practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, clarified the truth, and firmly denied the persecution. With Master's benevolent care, they were released. Another fellow practitioner was illegally detained for four days, then with his strong righteous thoughts, he was released, too. These breakthroughs occurred because of Master's protection and our powerful righteous thoughts.

We are not alone. We are one body. Your difficulties are mine. Recently, two fellow practitioners were illegally detained. Immediately, we took action. We told all our local practitioners about this. We wrote to the families of those two fellow practitioners. We wrote to the people who turned them in to the police. We posted fliers in the villages where the whistle blowers lived. We distributed truth-clarification materials. We exposed the evil to people in our area. During those days, the police must have been closely monitoring those villages. Some fellow practitioners didn't dare to go there, for the police could be waiting. Other practitioners went there nonetheless. With wisdom, power, and courage from the Fa, Master's protection, and fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts, those arrested practitioners returned home safely. We quickly took action to rescue our fellow practitioners that time, and they were released in five days.

To save more sentient beings, we realized that we needed to distribute truth-clarification materials to the countryside. However, we were not familiar with those areas. If we went during the day, people might report us. If we went in the night, we didn't know the way, and dogs in every house would bark. There were many difficulties, but we have to complete our mission of saving sentient beings no matter how many difficulties there are.

We divided into several groups. We left for villages in the evenings and often came back in the wee hours. Sometimes, we went several kilometers, sometimes almost twenty kilometers. We were exhausted when we returned. Many times, people saw us or we got cornered, but we broke through every time. Whenever trouble came, we would speak benevolently to clarify the truth and ask people to do good things and not commit crimes against Dafa. This would immediately disarm people, and they would let us go.

There are many touching stories of our fellow practitioners saving sentient beings. Some I know, more of them I don't. Practitioners act quietly. This is not an everyday person's job. There is no corporate ladder and no salary. To save sentient beings, we can uphold righteous thoughts and righteous actions when facing the evil. We can let go of the notion of life and death, because we all have a great Master, and we all follow a great Fa, and we all have the responsibility to validate the Fa and save sentient beings.