(Clearwisdom.net) Since I was released from a labor camp several months ago, I have been busy with re-establishing the "truth clarification" material production site and have rarely had time to share my experiences with fellow practitioners. By chance I went to the home of another practitioner and heard about the practitioner's mother, who is an 80-year-old practitioner. He said, "Although she never went to school, she can read Zhuan Falun. She goes out to clarify the truth every day. Some people said to her, 'You are elderly. You should stay at home. See how tiring it is if you go out every day.' She replied, 'I am saving people. What can be more important than this?'"

While we were chatting, his mother came in. She looked very ordinary with gray hair. In her Shandong accent she told me how one day she went out to clarify the truth. She went into a food store and clarified the truth to the owner and tried to persuade him to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The owner had been in the army and had joined the CCP. When he heard that she wanted him to withdraw from it, he got upset and pushed her out the door. She thought to herself, "I cannot give up because he is temporarily muddle-headed. He is also a life. I must save him." She went back again to the store while sending forth righteous thoughts. She started chatting with the owner again. This time he was much nicer. At last she told him, "What I told you is all for your own good. Heaven will eliminate the CCP. You are a member of the CCP. If you don't withdraw from it, you will be a target when Heaven eliminates the CCP. On a hot day like this, an old lady like me spends so much time to tell you this. I did this to save your life! Don't you understand?" Finally the owner became clear-headed. He said to her, "Please help me to withdraw!" When she left, he walked her out and said, "Thank you, Grandmother!"

Although this elderly practitioner does not read or write, her memory is very good. Every day she memorizes all the names of people to whom she clarified the truth. When she gets home, she tells someone who adds them to the list and sends the list to a material site, where they will be processed on-line. She can convince over ten people to withdraw from the CCP every day. After hearing and seeing this, I was very touched. An 80-year-old grandmother can let go of her fear and clarify the truth out in public while some young practitioners only read the book at home. How far apart they are!