(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Dan, 31, graduated from Jiamusi University. She was arrested in Jixi City during October 2005. In January 2006, she was illegally sentenced to four years in prison and detained in the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison. During her detention, Liu Dan went on several hunger strikes to protest the persecution. Prison guards instigated prisoners to brutally torture her. Liu Dan is currently very weak and often loses consciousness. The prison authorities nonetheless refuse to release her, and instead they have instructed prisoner Xu and others to torture Liu Dan even more brutally than before.

The following is a description of the tortures to which Liu Dan has been subjected:

Arrested and Tortured at the Jiguan District Police Department

Ms. Liu Dan went to Jixi City to visit her relatives on October 24, 2005. When she was at practitioner Liu Shulan's home, the police arrested her and took her to the Jiguan District Police Department. Police officers Wang Weijun, Zhang Wei, Jiao Yang and Liu Jiaxue tortured Liu Dan for five days and four nights. They handcuffed her hands behind her back and forced her to face a wall and stand for a long time. They handcuffed her hands high up to an iron gate, tied her feet together, and forced her to bend over with her head down. This pose is extremely painful. Policeman Wang Weichang forcefully pushed her head down to touch her feet, and then pushed her body under a chair. Another officer brutally beat her palms and the back of her hands with a belt. After beating her down to the ground, he grasped her hair to pull her up and forced her head against a wall, and then forced her back down.

After Ms. Liu Dan was brutally tortured by many policemen who took turns, her entire body was covered with black and blue bruises. Her lips were in tatters, her hands were covered with blood, and her hair was pulled out.

Her Life Was in Danger Twice While Being Detained in the Jixi Detention Center

On October 28, 2005, Liu Dan was sent to the No. 2 Detention Center in Jixi City, where her life was in danger twice. She was sent to the city hospital for emergency treatment and was fed via a tube inserted into her stomach. Later she was sent to a drug rehabilitation center, where she was injected with unknown drugs and force-fed until her life was in danger. Liu Dan's family was allowed to take her home on December 7. More than ten police officers monitor Liu Dan from outside her home around the clock.

Police Officers Instructed Prisoners to Brutally Torture Liu Dan

Under the instruction of the 610 Office in Jixi City, police officers suddenly took Liu Dan to court on January 12, 2006, where she was given a four-year prison sentence. She was sent to the Heilongjiang Women's Prison in Harbin City to be detained.

In prison, guards abetted prisoners Xiao Lihua, Zhang Jing and Gao Hong to torture Liu Dan and force-feed her. Each time, they tied her up and sealed her mouth with tape or dragged her by her hair. Due to the brutal torture, Liu Dan became extremely weak. She was transferred to the ill inmate's ward and Li Guixiang, a murderer, was ordered to torture Liu Dan. Li continuously abused and beat Liu Dan. When it was time to force-feed her, Li instructed prisoner Shang Xiaomei to add much garlic to the food and forcefully opened her mouth with a mouth opener for more than one hour.

Under the policemen's orders, prisoners Zhang Fangqing, Zhou Fengli, Xiu Shufen and Zhao Li continued torturing Liu Dan from November 29, 2006 to December 9, 2006. As a result, she had a heart attack, became incontinent, and fainted. After she woke up, she could not stop vomiting. When Zhao Yingling, director of the prison, Zhang Xiuli, the political head, and Yu Yingmin, the team chief saw this, they didn't stop the torture but shouted, "Who allowed her to lie down? Make her sit up until 10 o'clock tonight!" Thereafter, prisoner Zhao Li and others tortured Liu Dan even more brutally. They forced her to sit on the ground for a long time, tied her hands to a bed post, or handcuffed her hands to a height where she could neither squat down nor stand up. Every day, prisoners dragged Liu Dan out of her bed to the ground, stepped on her legs, forced her hands behind her back, hit her in the face, dragged her around by her hair, and hung her up by her handcuffs. She couldn't help but vomit due to these brutal tortures. They even smeared Liu Dan's vomit in her face, neck, ears, and chest, and even stuffed socks with vomit in her mouth.

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