(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Gaixian, about 55 years old, lived in Wushao Village, Fengming Town, Qishan County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. She was arrested in 2001 while clarifying the truth. She was sentenced to 18 months of forced labor and served her term in Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp. She was tortured both mentally and physically there, forced to do 17-18 hours of labor per day, deprived of her right to sleep, and forced to stand facing a wall during the night.

Starting on April 3, 2002, the Shaanxi Province 610 Office, the Labor Camp System Committee, and the Women's Forced Labor Camp established policies to give a 10,000 yuan bonus to each Falun Dafa practitioner who was "transformed" under custody. The guards used inhuman means to torture detained practitioners. Ms. Liu was tortured by being hung by handcuffs, being forced to stand facing a wall for many days wearing a straight jacket (1), not being allowed to use the toilet, etc.

In April 2004, Ms. Liu Gaixian was arrested again when passing out truth-clarifying materials. She was detained in Qishan County Detention Center. She was released after going on hunger strike for more than ten days. However, she was soon sentenced to three and a half years of prison, which forced her to leave home to avoid such an unreasonable charge.

At 9 p.m. on May 12, 2005, during the busy farming period, Ms. Liu Gaiziand returned home to help. Fengming Town Police Station director Chen Shuanglin (male) and deputy director Chen Jun (male) stormed into her home and arrested her. Her family members requested to visit her every day, but were turned away. The Party officials told them that her case was decided by the Provincial Procuratorate. When her family member went to the Political and Security Office in the County Police Department, the officers said they did not know her.

Ms. Liu Gaixian had been locked up in Shaanxi Province Women's Prison for 16 months as of August 7, 2006. She endured all kinds of torture, to the point where she could not take care of herself. On October 22, 2006, only 75 days after she returned home, she died from the severe injuries she sustained in the prison.

Qishan County 610 Office/CCP Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-917-8212282
Qishan County Police Department General Office: 86-917-8212211
Qishan County Police Department director Yu Mingke (male)
Fengming Town Police Station: 86-917-8212134
Criminal Team of Fengming Town Police Station: 86-917-8216157

(1) The straight jackets were made of fine canvas, and are put on the victim from the front and tightened from behind the back. The sleeves are about 10 inches longer than the victim's arms, with straps on them. The perpetrators force steadfast Dafa practitioners to put on the strait jackets, and then pull their arms to their backs, and cross and tie their arms behind their backs. Then they pull their arms up over their shoulders to the front of their chest, tie up their legs, and hang them up in the air from the windows. At the same time, they gag practitioners' mouths with cloth, put earphones in their ears, and continuously play messages that slander Dafa. According to an eyewitness account, people who suffer this torture quickly sustain broken arms, tendons, shoulders, wrists and elbows. Those who endure this torture for a long time have completely broken spines, and they die in agonizing pain. See case on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/11/1/41857.html