(Clearwisdom.net) This is a true story. Many elderly people in their 70s or 80s in my hometown met this lady once or twice. She was from Gaoyang County in the Baoding Region and passed away in Guogongying Village, Qingyuan County, Baoding City. There is still a temple for commemorating her in Guogongying Village. Every year, the local people gather at the temple on March 3 of the Chinese calendar. Many people from Tianjin, Beijing, and even Shanghai come to burn incense for her.

During the 1930s and 1940s, an old lady wandered around alone in the Baoding Region. She carried a small package of incense and used a tree branch as a walking stick. She sang as she walked and often stayed in local farmers' homes or temples for rest and food. When people gave her food, she would first burn incense [to pay respect to enlightened beings], otherwise she would not take the food. What she sang was very strange and nobody really understood her, so people thought she was insane and called her the "crazy" lady. But over the years, people saw that what she sang turned out to be true again and again.

Once as she was walking down the street, a local ruffian swore at her. She answered him, "You swear at me today, but do you know that you will crash in a ditch tomorrow and die?" Indeed, that person was killed the very next day in the way she had predicted. My father is 75 years old now, and he met that lady when he was a young boy. She lived in our village for a while. There were a few bad boys who often bullied her. When she was burning incense in the temple, those boys hit her in the back with clay bricks. It took her a long time to stand up after that. Then she asked, "Who did that to me? Sooner or later, you will be killed by a bullet." Surely, those bad boys were all killed by guns later, either by Japanese soldiers in World War II or by communists during the Cultural Revolution.

Now when people talk about that "crazy" lady, they all understand that she was not insane at all, but a cultivator. And it was Gods and Buddhas letting her warn the kind people in this region.

Her songs have spread throughout the whole region over the years. The following are some of the songs she sang.

"Republic of China reforms, tears down temples to build schools. When the time comes, they will restore the temple to just like before."(Note: During the time of the Republic of China, the government did tear down many temples to build schools. Now the temples are being rebuilt to attract tourists.)

"Money has no holes; smoke without pipes; and shoes have no faces." (Note: The money people used in her time were coins with a hole in the middle. People smoked pipes and wore home-made shoes with a long front cover called a "face." Now, people use bills, smoke cigarettes, and wear all types of shoes.)

"Each building and each room, all the lights face toward the floor." (Note: In the old days, people used oil lamps, so light went up. Now, people use electric lights, and the light faces downward.)

"Building homes without beams, mother-in-laws serve daughter-in-laws" and "thousand-year-old roads turn into rivers and thousand year daughters-in-law turned into mothers-in-law" (Note: In the past, the daughter-in-law's position in a family was very low, now the positions of daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law have switched.)

"Treat children as parents." (Note: Because the Chinese Communist Party forces the policy of planned pregnancy and each married couple may have only one child, it is very common for parents to spoil their child.)

"Pick and pick, choose and choose, the remaining are all living immortals;

Good people will not be killed even if they stand at the end of the smallest tree branch.

Bad people cannot escape punishment, even if they hide inside a mouse hole;

Pick and pick, choose and choose, nine out of ten will die, the remaining one will become immortal."

Most of what she sang has turned out to be true. The last few lyrics were telling people that the human race is facing great danger, just like many ancient scripts have predicted.

What is really interesting is that a man in his 40s and living in Zhaizi Village, Taiyu Township, Shunping County, Baoding City, is now acting like the "crazy" lady. He often sings songs. What he sings eventually comes true. He said that if he doesn't sing, he feels very uncomfortable. In the past couple of years, he has gotten up at about 4 o'clock in the morning to sing. He seems to be feeling very anxious. He sang before the June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre of students asking for democracy, and before the SARS outbreak he sang, "There is no one in the market place and no one in the temple, schools are closed..." When SARS started spreading, people understood what he sang. He has also sung about a great catastrophe: "The bad people will first gain benefit, then go to hell. Ten villages, one remains; ten people, one survives."

When will the great catastrophe he sang about happen? Liu Bowen, the great prophet in the Ming dynasty, wrote; "...it is hard [for people] to get over the year of pig or mouse" in his famous Taibaishan Script. Famous Mayan prophesies have predicted that 1992 to 2012 will be the period of the re-creation of the universe.

Indeed, those compassionate, great, enlightened beings have told human beings again and again.

Master Li wrote:

"Heaven and Earth turned upside down, raining sand and dust

The minds of hundreds of millions in the mortal world poisoned

People do not realize how many mercy has saved

New graves cover the landscape of China Proper"

(The Cleansing, Hong Yin Volume II)

"I sincerely hope that all the people of the world can be clear on the truth and distinctly see the most wicked demon that history decided to visit upon mankind for what it is, see how the wicked Party has poisoned the Chinese people and the entire world, and see how it has persecuted Dafa disciples--and thus manage to survive the greatest catastrophe of all time, which has befallen all beings. I sincerely hope that all sentient beings will be saved!

"Sentient beings! All that you have been hoping for, awaiting, and concerned over for thousands of years has arrived, and is in fact currently unfolding. Through it each and every person is choosing, whether knowingly or not, his or her fate.

"I would like to tell you: Dafa disciples are the sole hope of salvation for the beings in each region and each nation. Cherishing what they are doing amounts to cherishing yourselves!" ("My Thanks to Sentient Beings Who Have Sent Greetings")

I hope that all kind people at this critical moment of human history will not be lost, but will be able to find the truth and thus survive the catastrophe and have a wonderful future.